Hi Im looking for a bass amp that has good tone for slap and heavy metal, and has enough watts to compete with electric guitar and maybe drummers, maybe pre owned if it makes a significant difference in price and costs around £150-£200.

I dont want something massive; it would be great if it is possible for me to carry it
Anything by peavey i have a 700 watt stack and its great iv played many amps but peavey have been my personal favorite for bass.
With your budget you wont get anything great at all, but the Line 6 low down might be something to look at. It has diff models of bass amps, and probably the most versitile in your price range
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If you can find an old Gallien-Krueger RB400 or something they are pretty legit for on-the cheap, mines alright. Just throwing it out there. The SWR combos are reputed to be legit.

Play all kinds of amps and just choose what sounds best. Might do good to stretch your budget out a bit, eh?

edit, etc: Oh, bass sounds decent through a PA system. Line out to it and as long as the preamp is alright, it sounds decent. Check out the Workingman 10.
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