This is my band, I'd love to hear what you guys think, be honest, I can take it!

After a few failed attempts at recording in a semi-professional studio, we got fed up with the results we were getting and decided to try making some decent recordings on our own. These were recorded with a few usb mics in my bedroom, and turned out sounding much more along the lines of what we wanted, than any of our previous attempts that were costing us money!!
dude, I love this so much! you guys are really fantastic!

I liked your facebook page and put a link to it on my band's page. hope that's okay!
the world must know.

also, I love the name!
glad to hear you guys dig the tunes!! facemelt your tunes are dope man, sounds like you have some wide ranging influences!!!!! thanks for the like and for spreading the word Jearl!! i'd love to hear your band, but that link in your signature doesnt work.
Wuddup yall! This be Willy Tee from Shanny and the Nannigans!! New song released yesterday called "This World" check it outt!!!
Another new song We just put out our version of White Christmas for the holidays!! Enjoy!