I really like this song, and in my opinion the chorus sounds so BADASS that i cant help myself but to go into air guitar frenzy. Just now i learned it, and i was like "meh". When i hear the chorus it sounds BADASS but when i play it its just not fun or pretty mundance(and it sounds like the song, maybe im missing some guitar effect or somethin but i feel that even if i would ace this song itll still feel boring).
I like BFS's '1985' a little less than RHCP Charlie, but when i play it, i feel awesome.

Did anyone of you heard a song, and said to himself "man when ill play it itll be so awesome!" but when you actually learned the song your fingers got bored?
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That happens way too often... Any song by Kiss fits that category, even if it's one that doesn't sound simple... It Is!
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Because you need a band. Like a lot of Hendrix. Learn Fire. Sounds like an awesome song. It is. But play it on your own and it's not that fun. Play it with a band and it is incredibly fun.