So I've been playing on my Cort Evl-X4 for a while now and I've never changed the stock pickups, which are EMG-Hz's (with a single coil inbetween them, but I have a push switch so I always keep it off; causes too much feedback when its on). They sound alright, but they're not too good when it comes to producing pinch harmonics (and yes, my technique is down, they just don't sound as good as a guitar with EMG 81/85's).
Does anyone know if EMG 81/85's would sound any better, particularly (if you know) on a cort evl-x4? I'm assuming they would but I need to know which are better and if its worth it, cause I don't wanna spend $200 dollars on these things if its not gonna be much of a difference.
I play all kinds of music but for the most part metal, as I play in a metal band. Also, I'm using a Randall RX120RH and RX412 Half Stack amp (solid-state). Hope that helps.
Thanks ahead of time!

EDIT: And if I was to get EMG 81/85's what kind? I've found these Kerry King ones and Zakk Wylde so will there be a major difference between variations?
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well i dont really like emgs that much but the hz i find dont sound much like the active counterparts the active [ick ups have alot more output and imo they make it easier to sound out pinch harmonics and push the amp more

now having said that i only played emgs through tube amps and im not sure howd theyd do with a solid state one

an dim pretty sure all emgs 81 and 85 are the same just get the regular sets if they are cheaper
Well, the Kerry King set comes with a PA-2 booster, which gives you even more gain.
The Zakk Wylde set has long shaft pots, so that you won't need to buy them separately.
The EMG 81 and 85 are the same in KK and ZW set as the regulars.
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Yeah I've only heard emg 81/85 through a tube amp as well... so i'm clueless as to if it'll sound good through my solid state. It's a pretty awesome amp though so I don't see it sounding bad.
What exactly are these "long shaft pots?" I can't find anything about them anywhere.
long shaft pots are exactly what they sound like they have long shafts(they are usually put on lp style guitars since they have a thicker top then most guitars)