I am having trouble writing guitar for this song i wrote and i was wondering if there were any tutorial sites or lessons on here that would help me. I have been more or less screwing around on my guitar listening to what sounds cool and what does not, but it never gets past a cool chord progression or a riff. Another question that could sprout off this topic is, i am learning my scales like the minor pentatonic for example, how do I turn what i learned from that into riffs?
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As far as using what scales you know to make a riff, I don't really know the proper way to do that. What I do is just improvise on that scale. Usually it just sounds like an improv, but every once in a while it sounds like an actual riff. For example: the other day I spent around a half hour just screwing around on the B Major scale. At the end of the 30 mins. I actually had something worthy of a riff.
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Ear training is an underrated part of songwriting. Ear training is what you go from fiddling around and thinking, "oh, that sounds cool" - which sometimes works, to hearing the song in your head first and taking control of the process: "I want a song that goes like this and that ..." and being able to implement it.
Well, you should have a firm understanding of chords, scales, and key centers and a developed ear. When trying to write riffs or songs or solos it all comes down to MELODY of a scale. EVERY SINGLE NOTE whether it be from a blazing 1000 note per second solo, or 200bpm riff must sound good to YOU and you must SING in your head along with every single note of what you play ( this is crucial to sounding good to both yourself and others.) The goal is to essentially "say something and resolve over and over again to eventually form a song using a melody. All riffs have prominent single note melody that are just harmonized within a scale. To the untrained ear though they can sound all over the place. This is why understanding scales and the tonic is so important. It all comes down to practice practice practice also.
And and and... rhythm, chord progressions, stuff, tempo, and ummm... Umm... Hmm, I forget...

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