I am using EMG hz's, which are the stock pups for my cort evl x4. I use a Randall RX120RH and RX412 half stack (solid-state).
So which do you think would sound better: Seymour Duncan Blackouts, or EMG 81/85's? Please provide details, as I want to make a worth while investment.
I think they would both sound good. However, I do have Blackouts in my Schecter Blackjack ATX 7String and they are hotter than hell.
What is better completly depends on what guitar you have and what works for your rig.

There isn't any real way of knowing what'll sound better until you actually compare them for yourself, using exactly the same guitar, same amp, setting and of course, youself playing them, TS.
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Thanks for all of the feedback people. I use a Digitech Death Metal Pedal, so I've got a pretty distorted sound already, so I think the EMG's will be the most worthwhile investment. I deal with a lot of feedback while not playing any notes (amp volume is turned up+ guitar volume up+ pedal on+ not playing anything = obnoxious ear-piercing feedback. But I'm getting a Decimator noise reduction pedal to alleviate this). With the EMG's, I imagine I'll retain my distortion while getting a clearer sound, so that my leads don't sound so dull and my pinch harmonics will actually sound like harmonics.
I've been thinking about this heavily as well, and after a lot of thought I decided to get EMGs. I tested them out on multiple guitars, as well as the blackouts, and they just seemed to work for me. They're very clear and produced a clean tone that I absolutely loved, and the blackouts seem fuzzier and crunchier, and not as clear on clean tones.

It's your call man, whatever you feel will work for you. But personally I am getting EMGs.
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From what I've heard the major difference is that Blackouts have more bottom end thump but less overall clarity. The EMGs lean more to the treble side but have better note definition.
I have an RR24 and an Edwards E-AL-166. The RR24 has an EMG 81 and the Edwards has a blackout pickup. The EMG 81 didn't do very well on the low end, playing stuff like Killswitch Engage sounded like crap. I ended up replacing the EMG 81 with a blackout pickup, sounds a lot better now and similar to the Edwards.
I had to check with a mod to make sure the following post was OK...I had posted this a couple of days ago but then removed the post until I heard back. Anyway, here's what I recommended two days ago:

Here are some sound clips of a guitar with Blackouts:


Here are some sound clips of a guitar with EMG 81/85 pickups:


Unfortunately, some of those clips are from the owners so not all are completely clean (i.e. some aren't the guitars recorded direct with no amp/pedals in between the instrument and recording device). But, those samples should help give you some idea.

When I tested these guitars before I sent them out, I thought the EMG's were very crystal clear while the Blackouts were a little "crunchier" (but only a little).

While listening to those sound samples, remember that the guitar with blackouts has a 25.5" scale and the one with EMGs had a 25" scale, so the Blackouts will be more "Strat-y" sounding and the EMGs will be more "PRS-y" sounding.

You can also hear Blackout sound samples on the Seymour Duncan site:


Good luck with the choice!