Hey guys, I've been a member of UG for many many years and I'd like to share my band Tria Mera with you. This is a band that took me YEARS to finally piece together with the right people. We only just finalised it last year after 5 years of looking and eventually moving between cities.

We played our first show in October 2010, and our third show early this year playing at a major Aussie festival with Iron Maiden, Slash, Slayer, Stone Sour and a tonne of others. We also won a major award for our song "A Burning Horizon" in August. Currently though we are auditioning new vocalists as our original frontman could not keep up with his personal life becoming more important. During this downtime we're also in the process of writing new tracks that we feel are a step up from everything we have recorded so far

Please check us out and listen to a few tracks, and if you like us become a fan on Facebook and tell all your friends about us - it would be much appreciated!

Official Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/triameraband
Official Website (under construction) - www.triamera.org
EP Promo Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzaqB_a20IE

Tria Mera