Here are a couple videos of me playing my band's songs I made a couple weeks ago because people were asking me to post tabs.

Figured it would be a good chance to have you guys tell me what you think I can improve on technique wise? I'm the worst player when it comes to tightness but take a look and see what you make of it.


Be kind? Haha.


Too much thumb over the top.
try to keep your pinky from flying away when youre not using it.
when picking just 2 strings at a time palm muted(like around 2mins into the first vid) try to use wrist and fingers instead of your entire arm. thats way too much muscle mass being moved just to pluck 2 strings.

lots of good things, but those are the bad things.
Your playing is solid. I think what is most important is how you're complimenting the band as a whole, which imo your doing a very strong job. I think just about every guitar player could use a bit more "tightness" and technical proficiency even if you won't actually use those techniques for songs that make the album/ep/ whatever, and the things that jumped out to me have already been pointed out by ciano so i'll just add good job and good tunes.
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I don't have anything to add onto what's already been noted - your thumb position could be a little lower to rest in the middle of the neck to allow more efficient mobility, and a little work on finger independence through some basic permutations at a slow tempo would work wonders for your economy of motion.

To veer slightly off-topic and reiterate the above, your playing compliments to whole band very well. I'll definitely be transcribing and studying your songs to get a better handle on that sort of approach.
Very well played. Since your playing at the same volume that the music is, it makes it difficult for me to pick up errors, but studying your hand and finger movements it appears right on. Timeing is excellent, it sounds like you catch the bends perfectly.

One thing stands out is the amount that you lift your finger off the strings, during chord progressions when you change some of the formations and also when playing notes. Practicing efficiency will really make things easer for you.

Edit addendum.

Forgot to say, keep up the wonderful work!
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Nice tone, nice playing, congrats.

Anyways, ive see a ton of problems with your left hand... but i feel like im always repeeating myself on these threads so ill say: look up classical left hand technique.

Have to make a video about all the bad habits one of these days..
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Posting from mobile so will be brief - clean and tight, generally very good. However, you use far too much force when fretting and you have serious flying finger syndrome. Check my finger independence vid.

Also, tap with the middle finger ffs, someday you'll drop the pick live or want to sweep tap.