I love it. I liked you guys. And now I'm downloading the EP. I applaud what you're doing -- especially the female-fronted deal. Why is that? Because I too am part of a female-fronted band! We're rock/alt-country from Austin, Texas. I'll send you to our debut album Kickstarter page (which has links and a video and stuff). Please pass it along or "like" it and I'll be sure to share the download link and your youtube vid on my page. Our link: http://kck.st/u8D73Y

If you come to the states and tour in Texas make a stop in Austin. Maybe we could be your anchor band.
Thanks man. I love your sound! You can hear a really pure 'Texan' heart beating in the middle of it. Makes me feel warm haha..

We were thinking about having a kickstarter page for us to get a van as it's hard for us to gig over here without decent transport. How did you find it? I see you reached your goal, congrats!
It's been pretty great so far, considering that we hit our goal and still have more than 2 weeks to raise more money. It feels nice to know that this record is going to be funded by fan support. We had an alternative but went with Kickstarter instead because we felt better about it. I think one of the biggest parts is offering fairly unique rewards and making sure people know how their donations are going to help out.

Doing a Kickstarter for your van would be a great idea, as long as you're able to offer some pretty cool stuff in return for support. You're already giving away your EP, so it's definitely going to have to be unique. And minimize costs for you guys (and gal). One thing that might be kind of cool is letting people who donate a certain amount sign the van or something?

P.S. think about signing up your band for deli radio and filling out your tour schedule so more people can find out where you're going to be in relation to their radio station. http://deliradio.com/
You guys have a great ****ing sound! Let me know if you do a gig in the west Midlands, we'd love to support you!

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