Hey everybody, this is my first post on this site every so bear with me.

I'm getting a drum kit for Christmas this year. I saved up some money, I could buy some additions for it (double bass pedal, heads, etc.) I was wondering what would be some good, unique-ish, world percussion that I could add on to it. I'm talking about chimes and cowbells and such. I already own a cowbell so please don't suggest that.

Also, if their is some good, cheap crash/china cymbals, suggest any.

Sorry if I rambled, but i'm kinda rushing this year!
You can always have more cowbell....

But seriously, look at drummers like Terry Bozzio, Gavin Harrison and other percussion based drummers and see what they've got on their kits that may be of interest to you.
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Very cool. I've seen one of my friends have one but never really used it. My kit will be almost strictly for recording so I'll probably have it just in case.