I have come into some money, and decided as a gift to myself to buy a tube amp for my bass. My idea is to get a Peavey Windsor, Sovtek Mig 50/100, bassman etc ( and maybe a valve jr. head for practice) for tube grind, or bi amped.

I've read about small mods to the EQ to enhance bass friendliness, but what really stuck out was using 12at7 or other preamp tubes all the way down to the 12au7.

From what I've read I can see they boost the amount of clean room, which would be good for bass volumes. What I am confused about it those tubes have less gain 40-80% less, and some people said it lead to reduced overall volume. My question is the idea of a tube lowering the gain a catch-22, as it reduces the volume at the same time? If it's not, how would one fill a preamp section with tubes to achieve the most volume, before pre or power saturation, without eliminating either? I assume it's different with each amp but if there was a universal truth I'd love to know.