Hopefully someone on UG can help me, I have to arrange "Have you met miss jones" for a big band for my final project in my class. It has to be 3 minutes long. Obviously I'll have an in and out head and probably a chorus of soloing but i need a whole fourth chorus probably of more original stuff. Does anyone have any ideas of what i can do to fill this space or how to go about creating another chorus of music?
If I were in your position, I'd have either a sax/ensemble soli, modulation, or some sort of section that begins at a low energy level (possibly with fewer instruments) and builds into a high energy segue into the final chorus.

Also, if it were me, I'd probably have more time for soloing, maybe another chorus.

and if you need to buy a little more time, you can always tag the end.
Repeat the entire arrangement in a key a third away. You can say this was inspired by the movement of chords in thirds in the bridge. Some people will accept it, most will call bull.

Yeah, probably shouldn't.
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As far as actually arranging instruments, you're going to be working in block chords basically the entire time- I don't know if you have any experience doing block stuff on piano, but that's invaluable as an arranger. Root voicings, drop 2, drop 2-4 (less common) and Shearing voicings are all good places to start.
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