I am looking for some input on the Epi Dot vs the Agile AS-820



I am not sure if the pups on the Epi are alnico or ceramic. I hear a lot of complaints about the finishes of the Epi's, But they sound extremely well. I have played a Dot at my local store but never played any agile. I see a lot of talk on here how Agiles quality is better for the money?? any input greatly appriciated!!! Thanks
I'm personally a pretty big fan of the Dot. I love the tone of those things. Unfortunately, I haven't played an Agile either.
I love Epiphone's semi-hollow bodied guitars. The Dot is a great bargain and looks especially awesome with that vintage sunburst, but personally my favorite would have to be the WildKat. I've played an Agile semi-hollow body before and was moderately impressed. I'd choose an Epi over an Agile in the same price range any day though. You might want to check out the Ibanez Artcore series as well, those things are pretty slick too.
I've never played the Agile, but Epiphones semi-hollows are really something special. In my opinion, they're some of the best semi-hollows you can get without getting into "USA made" territory.