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get it all baby ..
get it all baby ..
get it all baby ..
"what you want me to do with it?"
don't matter just don't bite it
she swallowed it ..
suck this dick for daddy
she swallowed it ..
usin' that lips
she swallowed it ..
it's the world's biggest dick
"what do you want me to do with it?"
don't matter just don't bite it

Slow is the tempo
Now talkin' but an info
So peep it up here goes the info
This is the bitches and the ho's crew
She get it as much we make bets on who's the ho's we'd love to go through
And for the shit that she does give her a drum role
Because the dumb bitch licks out the asshole
And a list of videotaper
And if you got a gang of niggaz, the bitch would let you rape her
She likes suckin' on dicks, and lickin' up nutz
And they even take de broomstick at the butt
Just to say that she did it with a rapper
But the pussy was more fishy than red snapper
"But how many licks would it take" She ax's
"To make MC Ren start gooshin' up vanilla shake"
She took her tongue out her mouth, put it on top
Like a cherry, started movin' it like a snake and it was very Irresistable
I could'nt pay the bitch to quit
Cuz the ho' was doin' some ole' crazy shit
That made me start havin' a fit'
Cuz the bitch sucks de hellified dick .. [suck this dick]

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

Now one night night I was at a drive-in
And a car full of niggaz straight drove in
I thought they wuz commin' to start trouble but no
Five niggaz in the back it was de neighborhood ho'
Now what do you expect they're gonna dogg her like a doggy
Thirty minutes later and the windowz are all foggy
And I'm off in my car havin' a fit' cuz de bitch that I'm with
Sayz no ****in' on the 1st date shit
Now I'm like - Damn! I wish I was in the bucket
To be with 6 niggaz with the ho' and I can **** it
So I told de ho' I was with that I'm goin' to de snack bar -
And got de **** out de car.
Went to the bucket and I looked through the window
It was some niggaz that I knew they let me in yo
And my turn was like next
I could'nt see a face, all I saw was de pussy and the chest
I wanted to see the face, I felt the order
Peep over the seat - OH SHIT! it's the preacher's doughter!
And she's only 14 and a ho'
But the bitch sucks dick like a specialized pro
She looked at me, I was surprised
But was it passin' up the chance of my dick gettin' backtide
I told the bitch to do it quick :
"You little ho' hurry up and suck my dick!"

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

Now I'm a break it down with a fact -
Since the last "Just don't bite it" girls don't know how to act
Sayin' that they never would suck a dick
But when they've tried it they could'nt quit
Cuz not even bustin' the bitches today they love the shit
And those are the main one's that say they don't do it
But MC Ren knowz the bitches are used to it
So fellows, next time they try to tell a lie
That they never suck a dick punch the bitch in the eye
And then the ho' will fall to the ground
Then you'll open up her mouth -
Put your dick in and move the shit around
And she'll catch on and start doin' it on de raw
Actin' like she's tryin' to suck a meet off a chicken bone
And then she won't let go
Because bitches suck nutt out of a dick just like dreino
Get the last drop, unclog in de back
Then the stupid bitch is at that with the same shit de next night
Because she just can't quit
Cuz she's addicted, addicted, addicted, addicted
she's addicted, addicted, she's addicted to suck a good dick

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!

"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"It's the world's biggest dick"
Don't matter just don't bite it
"What do you want me to do with it?"
Don't matter just don't bite it
She swallowed it .. Get it all baby!
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Straight outta Compton crazy mother****er named Ice Cube
From the gang called Niggaz With Attitudes
When I'm called off I got a sawed off
Squeeze the trigger and bodies are hauled off
You too boy if ya **** with me
The police are gonna hafta come and get me
Off yo ass that's how I'm goin out
For the punk mother****ers that's showin out
Niggaz start to mumble, they wanna rumble
Mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo
Goin off on a mother****er like that
with a gat that's pointed at yo ass
So give it up smooth
Ain't no tellin when I'm down for a jack move
Here's a murder rap to keep yo dancin
with a crime record like Charles Manson
AK-47 is the tool
Don't make me act the mother****in fool
Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe
I'm knockin niggaz out tha box, daily
yo weekly, monthly and yearly
until them dumb mother****ers see clearly
that I'm down with the capital C-P-T
Boy you can't **** with me
So when I'm in your neighborhood, you better duck
Coz Ice Cube is crazy as ****
As I leave, believe I'm stompin
but when I come back, boy, I'm comin straight outta Compton


[City of Compton, City of Compton]

[Eazy E] Yo Ren
[MC Ren] Whassup?
[Eazy E] Tell em where you from!

Verse Two: MC Ren

Straight outta Compton, another crazy ass nigga
More punks I smoke, yo, my rep gets bigger
I'm a bad mother****er and you know this
But the pussy ass niggaz don't show this
But I don't give a ****, I'ma make my snaps
If not from the records, from jackin the crops
Just like burglary, the definition is 'jackin'
And when illegally armed it's called 'packin'
Shoot a mother****er in a minute
I find a good piece o' pussy, I go up in it
So if you're at a show in the front row
I'm a call you a bitch or dirty-ass ho
You'll probably get mad like a bitch is supposed to
But that shows me, slut, you're composed to
a crazy mutha****er from tha street
Attitude legit cause I'm tearin up shit
MC Ren controls the automatic
For any dumb mutha****er that starts static
Not the right hand cause I'm the hand itself
every time I pull a AK off the shelf
The security is maximum and that's a law
R-E-N spells Ren but I'm raw
See, coz I'm the mother****in villain
The definition is clear, you're the witness of a killin
that's takin place without a clue
And once you're on the scope, your ass is through
Look, you might take it as a trip
but a nigga like Ren is on a gangsta tip
Straight outta Compton...


[City of Compton, City of Compton]

[Dr. Dre] Eazy is his name and the boy is comin...

Verse Three: Eazy-E

...straight outta Compton
is a brotha that'll smother yo' mother
and make ya sister think I love her
Dangerous mother****er raises hell
And if I ever get caught I make bail
See, I don't give a ****, that's the problem
I see a mother****in cop I don't dodge him
But I'm smart, lay low, creep a while
And when I see a punk pass, I smile
To me it's kinda funny, the attitude showin a nigga drivin
but don't know where the **** he's going, just rollin
lookin for the one they call Eazy
But here's a flash, they never seize me
Ruthless! Never seen like a shadow in the dark
except when I unload, see I'll get over the hesitation
and hear the scream of the one who got the last penetration
Give a little gust of wind and I'm jettin
But leave a memory no one'll be forgettin
So what about the bitch who got shot? **** her!
You think I give a damn about a bitch? I ain't a sucker!
This is the autobiography of the E, and if you ever **** with me
You'll get taken by a stupid dope brotha who will smother
word to the mother****er, straight outta Compton


[City of Compton, City of Compton]

[Damn that shit was dope!]
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(I'ma say this and I'ma end mine
If you ain't down, for the Africans here
in the United States, period point blank..
If you ain't down for the ones that suffered in South Africa
from apartheid and shit
Devil you need to step your punk ass to the side
and let us brothers, and us Africans, step in
and start puttin some FOOT, in that ass!!)

"Break 'em off somethin" (repeat 8X)

Chorus: Snoop Doggy Dogg (repeat 2X)

I got my finger on the trigger so niggaz wonder why
But livin in the city it's do-or-die

Dem wonder why me violent and no really understand
For de reason why me take me law, in me own, hand
Me not out for peace and me not Rodney King
De gun goes - click, me gun goes - bang
Dem riot in Compton and dem riot in Long Beach
Dem riot in L.A. cause dem no really wanna see
niggaz start to loot and police start to shoot
Lock us down at seven o'clock, barricades us like Beirut
Me don't show no love cause it's us against dem
Dem never ever love me cause it's sport to break dem
and kill, at my own risk, if I may
to lay, to spray, with my AK, and put it to rest

Interlude: (*female reporter*)

(Yes we have
There have been riots, ahh uh, rioting
Well I don't wanna say rioting
but there's been looting downtown
But right now Bree, what I want to show you is
they have started fires down at the end of the street)

[All] How many niggaz are ready to loot?
[Snoop] Yeah, so what you wanna do?
[Dre] What you wanna do?
[All] I said how many niggaz are ready to loot?

"Got myself a Uzi and my brother a 9" --> KRS-One

(That's what they told us today
In other words, you still a slave
No matter how much money you got, you still ain't shit)

[Dr. Dre]
Sittin in my living room, calm and collected
Feelin that gotta-get-mine perspective
cause what I just heard, broke me in half
and half the niggaz I know, plus the niggaz on the Row is bailin
Laugh now but cry much later
Ya see when niggaz get together
they get mad cause they can't fade us
Like my niggaz from South Central, Los Angeles
They found that they couldn't handle us
Bloods, Crips on the same squad
with the Ese's help and nigga it's time to rob and mob
(And break the white man off somthin lovely, biddy-bye-bye
I don't love dem so dem can't love me)
Yo, straight puttin it down gettin my scoot on
It's jump in off in Compton so I gots to get my loot on
and come up on me some furniture or somethin
Got a VCR, in the back of my car
that I ganked from the Slausson Swap Meet
And mother****ers better not try to stop me
Cause they will see that I can't be stopped
cause I'ma **** my Glock and pop til they all drop

Interlude: (*female reporter, then male reporter*)

(Yes on the videotape we seem to have the
ahh, people in the crowd throwing things at the officers)

(And swinging at them as well, as a result
A young woman there, you see took a swing
at at an officer with some object in her hand)

[All] How many niggaz are ready to move?
[Snoop] Yeah, so what you wanna do?
[Dre] What you wanna do?
[All] I said how many niggaz are ready to move?

"Got myself a Uzi and my brother a 9" --> KRS-One


One-Time trigger happy, no nigga love
One-eighty-seven time, time to grab the glove
Can't get prints on a nine I throw away
or get prints on my Uzi when it spray
POP POP, POP, another mother****er drop
And I get relief like, "plop plop fizz"
Smash, I crashed his head like a window
I ain't Nintendo, I'm high off the indo
Creepin, with the quickness, to the cut
Bust, one to his head, while he munches on a donut
and crack-up, so now he best to back up
I guess I gots to pack up, filling, the clip up
I zip up-town, but mother****in cops are all around
Helicopters flyin, these mother****ers tryin
to catch me and stretch me on Death Row
But hell no, suppose black refuse to go??

Interlude: (*male reporter*)

(This is now coverin a very, very wide area of Los Angeles
where these fires have been, aah, ignited
I mean, from here to the, aah
to the South end of South Central is a long way

"Break 'em off somethin" (repeat 8X)

The outcome of this is destruction, so them all fall
Niggaz don't give a ****, so them bust and them fall
The, description of three blacks
shows no justice, so, pick up it's your right
If you riot again, me, turn the other cheek
We, be too many, me got, me nine to my side
So me bust, flick, cause he don't give a ****
and me don't give a ****
And all my problems end with that BUCK BUCK

[Snoop Doogy Dogg]
Blak blam, blam til dem fall
Listen to the shots from my nigga Doggy Dogg, biddy-bye
Dr. Dre, him bust gun shots
Diggity Daz and RBX, dem bust gun shots
Come again!
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We're better than Mexico cuz we rule USA USA USA
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(**** all you hoes) Get a grip mother****er.

Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me
I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above the
buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on
me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughters,
and all the niggaz in the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'?

Uh-ha, it's all good baby bay-bee, uh

[Verse One:]

It was all a dream
I used to read Word Up magazine
Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine
Hangin' pictures on my wall
Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl
I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped
Smokin' weed and bamboo, sippin' on private stock
Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack
With the hat to match
Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha
You never thought that hip hop would take it this far
Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight
Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade
Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner
Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri
Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky
I'm blowin' up like you thought I would
Call the crib, same number same hood
It's all good

Uh, and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh


You know very well who you are
Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a goal, but not that many
'cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty

[Verse Two:]

I made the change from a common thief
To up close and personal with Robin Leach
And I'm far from cheap, I smoke skunk with my peeps all day
Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way
The Moet and Alize keep me pissy
Girls used to diss me
Now they write letters 'cause they miss me
I never thought it could happen, this rappin' stuff
I was too used to packin' gats and stuff
Now honies play me close like butter played toast
From the Mississippi down to the east coast
Condos in Queens, indo for weeks
Sold out seats to hear Biggie Smalls speak
Livin' life without fear
Puttin' 5 karats in my baby girl's ears
Lunches, brunches, interviews by the pool
Considered a fool 'cause I dropped out of high school
Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood
And it's still all good

Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga

[Verse Three:]

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this
50 inch screen, money green leather sofa
Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur
Phone bill about two G's flat
No need to worry, my accountant handles that
And my whole crew is loungin'
Celebratin' every day, no more public housin'
Thinkin' back on my one-room shack
Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back
And she loves to show me off, of course
Smiles every time my face is up in The Source
We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us
No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us
Birthdays was the worst days
Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay
Uh, damn right I like the life I live
'Cause I went from negative to positive
And it's all...

(It's all good)

...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh
Uh, uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga
Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh

Representin' B-Town in the house, Junior Mafia, mad flavor, uh
Uh, yeah, a-ight
another hit, barry bonds
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Aiyyo we headed to a party to go see whats happening
smoking tha la in the car turn on some rappen
Start to freestyle we be up on our way
Finish up the blunt

Somebody pass me that tray

Get on the freeway yo its after dark
Letting all kinds of speed cars pass
Just so they can harass our black asses
The Police pulling us over for no reason
Searching the car,like it's nigga hunting season
Yeah, around... asking about where's the pound..
Where's the gun, are y'all niggaz on the run?
You got warrants?
y'all ready for some informin'?
That's how they be cracking, it seems like they be actin'
Except it's real life, rushing up your residence
Searching your crib, man they can't find no evidence

The other day Mr. Buddha had this plan
Kick brands so the whole crew could expand
They all wanted me to drive the getaway car
I was like **** it, I ain't got no dough anyway
They started to plant in my garage
As they get large
Start to gather the entourage
My niggaz straight hit the bank
With so much money you couldn't even get that smell out
I got laced with thirty G's
To keep it free's
Plus a nigga ratted so far on a breeze
Police talking about where's the dead president
I said **** y'all, y'all ain't got no evidence