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So my girlfriend and I host a rock show on the local campus station and we're doing an ode to facial hair in rock and roll. It's sort of my own tribute to movember. Now it doesn't have to be just just moustaches, i'm open to any artist with prominent facial hair. It's a campus station so playing hits is frowned upon so i'm looking for something a little less known. My list so far is bands like Red Fang, The Sheepdogs, Graveyard, Buffalo Killers and others. Any recommendation will help thanks a lot.
Queen definitely fits the moustache part.

Later Beatles, Clapton's had one on-and-off over the decades(Not sure if he has it right now), Zappa(Pick and choose the pieces that are and aren't too avant garde to satisfy a full radio station's listeners), 70's Who, and recently Sting's been wearing one, so he and the Police can work too.

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ZZ Top
Black Label Society
Lamb Of God (Mark Morton and Chris Adler)
Static-X (Wayne Static)
Pantera (later years) [Phil Anselmo and Dime]
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Lots and lots of doom/sludge/stoner bands. Even if none of the members have beards, you just imagine that they do. It's just very beardy music.
Foxxy shazam, the beard is glorious
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how about Thirsty Merc? Ray Thistlethwayte looks awesome - music is cool, too
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Amon Amarth:

Neil Fallon from Clutch:
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Dave Navarro
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frank zappa

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Bls, Zappa
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Black Label Society

Amon Amarth
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Jimmy Page looks way cooler with a beard than without

Classic Bonzo stache

John Paul Jones looks alot like Geezer Butler with his occasional facial hair

and Robert plant just looks ****ing weird when he grows a stache
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