hi ive been playing guitar for a while but I am new to recording and am a little confused. I want to mic my amp and record some of my stuff and also with my band as well and I am confused as to what I need to get. should I get a multi track recorder or audio interface or what?
What you want is an audio interface. What it does for you is takes the signal from any microphones you have and sends it to your computer via usb (or firewire) and into your audio workstation (use Reaper) It also splits your signal so you can have more then one microphone at one time.
ok and its good sound quality? cause I dont want no crappy digital sounding stuff thats why I was weary of using a computer.
what audio interfaces do you suggest?

I dont need anything with crazy effects or whatever. i have pedals for that. I just need something to record and mix and whatnot
Alesis MasterControl Firewire Audio Interface and Control Surface and Reaper for a DAW

is this a good setup?
Getting a multitracker is another option. They do all that software recording packages do, but are easier to get to grips with as they are designed to be an all-in-one solution which include everything you'll need for a home recording setup. The key advantages here are portability and a more hands on interface which doesn't rely on a PC.

Using software can be the cheaper way to get started, but it also take a lot more time to learn and even once you've become proficient at it, the nature of how it works mean you will spend more time recording & mixing, less time playing. The main advantage of software is that it does provide more options in the way of downloadable plugins etc if you think you'll need them.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages, it's a matter of preference and how you prefer working.

Either way, you'd be working digitally - don't assume that digital recording is automatically crappy, pretty much everything you hear these days is recorded digitally.

It's also worth noting that the Zoom R series sits somewhere between the two options. It's technically a multitracker, but it's also an interface and control board for software DAWs, so it's effectively offers the best of both worlds.
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Quote by oldmetallica
ok and its good sound quality? cause I dont want no crappy digital sounding stuff thats why I was weary of using a computer.

It will sound fine. All it does is convert the analog mic feed into something your computer can read.