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I put 2 new songs in my music website: "Down the Avenue" is the song on top, and "Raising the Eye-'Cause You're Right" (guitars start after the birds) is the next one down. If you review my music, I will review yours. I promise! Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. Here is the link:
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Ah yes i remember listening to your stuff before, love the style and the synth that you incorporate into you songs. Its good stuff
Hey, thanks for the crit on my song!

Down the Avenue:
-nice vibe to this song, very downtowny.
-the vocals remind me of Isaac Brock
-audio quality is very good, no real complaints here
-good song overall, nice interludes.

Raising the Eye- "Cause You're Right":
-sounds pretty freaky, in a good way.
-your songs have nice interludes between the vocal parts, really keeps the listener interested.
-good audio quality as always
-I like the sudden change in tempo, the transition with the gunfire and explosions was very cool, made me laugh because it came after you hear birds
-good song overall, I like it, although a tiny bit long.
Down The Avenue

- Great quality of instruments used here and overall good recording quality
- The hi-hat is kind of annoying to me, it's too obvious and loud I think
- I don't like the musical background, I'm not a fan of synthesizers, but I think it's well-written
- This vocal style I don't particularly favor either, but it fits the musical background

Cause You're Right

- For some reason it reminds me of 80s music... I think
- The drums are better in this one, lacking the annoying hi-hat
- Vocals are still out of my style, but I like it more than the 1st song
- Overall I'd say everything is well written, but it's way out of my genre
- Interesting instrumental changes and all, someone who enjoys such music would definitely enjoy this
overall production on both tracks is quite high , how long you spend on each song? Do you have some kind of base template set up?
seems to be a bit of a retro vibe threading through your music...some of it i like some of it not so much.
I like synths but for colour only and very ow in the mix.

avenue does have a mass effect thing going at the start though =)

all in all pretty good going since you have alot of tracks.
I think i have heard your stuff before! Down avenue reminds me of a cynic song. Sounds like a mix between bls and cynic in a good way!! The recording quality is very good! It may be a little to much synths, but i like it anyway!

Please post a little review on this page.
Down The Avenue

Like the intro, the eights on the hi-hat give it a nice jumpy feel. The synth solo is win, sounds great. The guitar tone is solid, has a nice ambient feel to it. I feel like the low end needs a bit more presence though, in the bass and the kick. I just want to feel it more.

Vocals aren't my particular thing ( as mine is to yours lol ) but they are well performed and at least in tune, and sit just right in the mix. The odd phrasing gives them a unique quality.

Raising The Eye

Like the weird "wobble" effect thats panning around in the beginning, sits nice on the piano and bass. Vocals on this are a bit more interesting, don't hear you use your lower voice too often, sounds a bit more Goth rock/ industrial-esque in its performance.

The song overall is pretty creepy and reminds me of some early moments in Final Fantasy VII for some reason. Once again, I would like a bit more in the low end though, the bass has more presence in this one though.

Also this song has ended, and I can't remember if I heard a snare or not?

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Down the Avenue

I really liked this one. The ambiance has a feeling of nostalgia, but of what I don't know. The vocals could have been louder and maybe EQed differently. I'm feeling as if they're too treble-y or something to that effect. I think I've reviewed a number of your songs and I don't really remember it being so synth-driven, but I'd keep going in that direction. Maybe even further.

Raising the Eye

The vocals were much better on this one. They could be a bit louder but there's no EQ issues (for my taste at least). I liked the ambient section in the middle, it was a good separation between the two parts.

Is that a real bass? There's this fake quality to it that's causing me to second-guess it. If it is, though, it's a pretty good machine (lol it's probably garage band and I just don't have any good bass samples).
Yep, just as I expected. Pretty awesome. I really like the cool atmosphere each song brings. The quality is always solid and the song writing is well thought out and well executed. Keep it up, and thanks for the crit
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Thank you for your comments! I appreciate it! I'm influenced by the 80's, no doubt about it. Some other decades also. I probably average about 40 hours of time per song. Over the last couple of years, I have probably used 3 basic set ups for the Superior Drummer 2 drums. Over the last several months, I have posted songs where the top song uses the Superior Drummer 2 drums, and the second song will be different drums (like Korg TR-Rack or Roland Sound Canvas). It's not unusual for me to use the same (or similar) PodXT settings for particular guitar sounds, especially the surf guitar sound, though I like different sounds depending on the song. I'm not sure if cynic is a band, or type of music or ? I assume bls is Black Label Society? All of my recent songs have snare drum, though "Raising the Eye-'Cause You're Right" purposely doesn't have a huge snare sound on the first half. On the second half it has a beefier snare. The bass in this song is a synth. That was a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55.
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"Down The Avenue":
I really liked the intro. Very catchy. The vocals sort of don't fit in my opinion. Great synth-work. Nothing is boring and everything keeps me interested throughout the song. Very unique sound you have.

"Raising The Eye":
The intro sounds as if it has an irritated cat meowing with a monotonous voice. I like it. Haha. Chill intro. I like the vocals here more than the last song. Excellent quality. Consistent beat. Each instrument is spot on. Great use of synth as always. Sweet bassline.

Thanks for the critique!
Pretty good, my favourite of the 2 had to be down the avenue, the synth was great in that. Vocals kinda ruined it IMO but otherwise really good. Both quite well produced too, nice old school feel, nice one!
Down the avenue:
- The intro is really nice, the hit hat bugs me though. I would turn it down in the mix a little.
- Vocal style is super weird, but they are good nonetheless
- Really good audio quality
- Flows well, everything seems to fit (nothing sounds out of place)

Raising The Eye:
- Intro sounds like an 80's song I'd hear in the Labyrinth. I like it though
- again, not my style of vocals, but they fit the song well I think
- Great audio quality again
- nice transitions and interludes, even though this isn't my genre at all, it keeps me interested
We always seem to be posting and commenting on each other's new stuff at the same time.
Down the avenue:
I don't feel like your voice really fits the song. I would have pictured the vocals being much deeper and bassier than they are. All of the instrumentation is really interesting and totally flawless as usual though. I'm quite jealous of your recordings, they always sound great.
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I think the last time I reviewed your stuff, I pointed out how I'm probably not the best person to ask for feedback. But here are my impressions:
Down The Avenue: The surf guitar is a nice touch. All the synth gets a bit grating at times, but maybe that's just because it's saturated in flange. But as far as atmosphere, everything fits together well except the drums. The sound is good, but it just sounds too up-front, where the rest of the band is further away. Some reverb, and maybe a bit of low-pass would make it sound more natural.
Raising The Eye:
The "meow" effect could make a good hook if it's used a bit less often (or in a different pattern). Right now, it's a bit irritating. It's well-written, though. The song doesn't overstay its welcome.
Thanks for the crit man,
"Raising The Eye":
The intro sounds like it has too much compression but that could just be what you wanted as well, very good production, everything is very clear.
Great composition overall and good vocals too allthough it's not really my style.
I like the part that comes after the war effects, guitar and drums could be mixed a bit higher in there compared with the drums.
Neat little solo to finnish it all of.
Good piece overall you allways deliver solid work, good job man!
Sorry it took so long to critique back
Down the Avenue: Great production, the intro was a bit funky, but it fit really well with the rest of the song, the song had good build and the vocals fit in perfectly with the style of music!
Raising the Eye-I like the lyrics and the vocals fit good. The intro is a bit odd, but this is also isn't quite my style of music. I like it over. Your production are top quality!
Very interesting songs. Which genre would they fit in? I liked the 6/8 feel of down the avenue. The production is also good. I would use less reverb on the vocals, or a different one.

I liked the singing on the second song. It´s a bit in the vein of Depeche Mode. I wish there were more bass, but that´s ust a matter of taste.
down on the avenue:
- noticing almost a funky aspect to the lead
- the beginning gave me a metropolitan feeling i think i would have picked up on even if the titled didnt suggest it which is interesting, nice job capturing that
- synth solo that goes up to and through 2:00 is awesome, i like the tone of it a lot
- cant really understand the words, which isnt necessarily good or bad depending on what youre going for
- vocals sound good regardless and fit the song in my opinion
- song just ended and i have to say gave me an overall 80s vibe (which i dig, do you happen to know Harold Faltermeyer? if not look up his fletch theme. great 80s synth feel)

Raising the Eye
- this one has just started but i think i already like it better than the last one, and i liked that one a lot
- im not a theory extraordinaire but this song has a weird quality to it that i feel like can be attested to some less common intervals. idk if this is something you were going for or aware of but i really like the somewhat mysterious feel to it.
- love the bass intro and the recurrences of it throughout, the minimalists layers that build up over it are brilliant.
- the vocals on these are remind me a little bit of josh klinghoffer's style which can be heard in his solo dot hacker songs, in ataxia's "another (maybe the most reminiscent to this one)," and scattered through john frusciante's work, "communique being one example. just some things i picked up on in case youre interested in further listening

c4c? my thread dropped like a rock but im looking forward to getting some critiques on my new song
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Thank you for the reviews!! There is some phaser on the intro synth on "Down the Avenue". There is some flanger on the guitar. There is some chorus effect on some of the synths, that might sound like flanger. I also have some reverb on the drums. On "Raising the Eye-"Cause Your Right", the only thing that actually has any compressor on it is the vocals. The Tom Scholz Soloist is a guitar effect that has a rather compressed sound to it. I agree that it's not always easy to classify my tunes. These 2 tunes, I would say, are mostly some sort of alternative music. I wish my lyrics were easier to hear, though I like the sound better overall with all of the effects. I dig on Faltermeyer's "Axel F" song, though that "Fletch" song was good too. I don't know about common intervals, though I like to write songs that are a bit unusual. I tried to find Ataxia's "Another" on youtube, but couldn't find it. "Communique" sounded pretty nice.
The production is awesome, your voice kinda reminds me of early Pink Floyd. You have a cool techno/spacey theme in your songs. I might like it slightly more if I could hear the vocals a little more in the mix. Keep up the good work!
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Down the avenue:

Awesome stuff man, honestly I like it quite a lot. Especially the surf guitar tone near the start. Really nice vocals throughout too and I love the way they're subtly harmonized. The synth lead was probably my favorite part of the song! I think to improve it, you could spice up the drums a bit, or at least turn the high hat down. It definitely sounded a little repetitive after a while, and it stopped me from focusing on everything else which I liked. This whole psychedelic feel is great by the way... The kind of thing I've been listening to a lot recently.
Personally not my type of music, they're great nonetheless, they sounded good to the ear and the timing of each instrument was great. A little hard to understand the vocals though, but it defiantly sounds like a much older band and I really like that.

As for improvements in my opinion there is just too much FX, mostly on the vocals though.

That's all I have for an opinion, but keep on Rockin' in the free world.
I quite like the guitar / vocal on down the avenue, i thought it sounded quite similar to the cure, which is good by me not a massive fan of the synth, but thats just my personal preferance, musically its very good

Raising the eye sounds quite new order-esque to me, the instrumentation is really different and interesting, i mean usually i prefer just pretty straightfoward guitar rock but i can appreciate what you're doing, overall i think your a very creative and talented guy
Thanks for the crit man!

Liking the hollow sound you've gone for on 'Down The Avenue'. Nice synthy work in there too!

'Raising The Eye' - your vocals are much better in this song, you sound a lot more comfortable in the beginning range. Very jazzy and experimental overall though
down the avenue- nice use of pitch bends and what not. i liked the twang on the guitar and the singing was nice and original sounding. the drums were a bit repetitive- it'd be nice to see some more variation. synth (?) solo was AWESOME. totally loved it man, nice use of vibrato and slides. VERY unique. i found it got a little boring when the verse was repeated again after the first solo, but overall solid track.
raising the eye- nice trippy 70s feel. again, cool original sounding vocals, and i especially liked the proggy bit that comes in after the texture becomes really thin at around 1:50- it's cool how you slowly build up the synths and effects until you come back to the original melody.

good work
Down the avenue: Loved all the music to it, just remembered i listen to your tracks before and remembered the vocals lol. Maybe the drums could be redone in places to spice it up a bit. Synths are nice and crazy

Raising the eye - 'Cause you're right: Sounds like i'm being transported into the 80's or 90's hah, sounds like it could be from a movie, or a game. These are pretty good songs, everything about it is pretty good, the opera singer at one point, the samples of birds, helicopters and gunshots too, and the way it goes from one side to the other, I love things like that. This rockier part, is this in the same song yeah?sounds like it could be in something like Footloose ha.

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Down on the Avenue:
Dig the Guitars, and synths, Voice is unique and catchy, but the drums dont do it for me, like someone else said, that hihat thing doesnt go well IMO, i think the drums overall need a little extra Punch in the mix.

Raising the Eye:
Improvement on the drums, love the synths, the vocals are deeper and hit you in that creepy, haunting way! But im a Guitarist so i'd love to hear some Guitars on this track
Down the Avenue :

really cool vibe all along the song. Concerning the drums, the kick sounds a bit low (volume-wise) and the hi-hat gets a bit irritating through the song. Either drop its volume a bit or just make it hit less notes past the intro.

the guitar sounds great, and the synth solo is really good. Vocal-wise i found it good. no complaints there.

thanks for the review on my thread !
Down the Avenue: not my cup of tea but it's a fully realized song for sure. Everything works really well. The high hat gets a little grating as the song goes on and some of the the instrumental parts are a bit long imo. My main criticism would be the high hat though. Half the time on it every now and then, just some variation to remove some of the tedium.

Raising the Eye: Pretty good lyrics. I like how you keep your vocals interesting. Not my cup of tea again but i can appreciate the changes.
Just listened to Down the Avenue. Incredible! The unrelentless psychedelic vibe and simple but strong guitar riffs.. I loved the feel of the song.

I also really enjoy the vocals, reminds me of Claypool : )
Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all.
Listened to Down the Avenue, and Raising the Eye - "Cause You're Right".

A bit too electronica for me, but even as a fledgling composer I hear the effort put into each song (especially the mixing).
Wish i had that kind of determination to keep working at a single song rather than jump ship all the time.
Raising the eye: I like the 80's sound and feel of the song, but it is a little monotonous. Actually.. the song is like 8 mins long and it feels like 2 different songs and the 1 min of random samples dont help much. I know very little about "industrial - synth- experimental" sorry. The song has a couple of cool parts but I would rearrange everything and try to cut the long parts.
Thanks for the review. and I think Ive critiqued some of your stuff before but maybe i'm wrong lol.

Down the Avenue could not have a more fitting name. Such an awesome feel with the song though. Its just got this groovin weirdness to it that makes it so fantastically unique. Maybe up the vox just ever so slightly in the mix but its at a fairly suitable level as is. Is there some way I can get my hands on your music?
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Thank you for listening & reviewing!! I appreciate it! You can download any of my songs for free from this link (click on the triangle that points down):
Space rocket to mars - i love the intro, nice guitar tone, the vocals definetley suit this type of music, im not a massive fan of the synth part (personally i would have preffered some more guitar riffage here but thats just my opinion, the synth was very well played and hey its your song so you choose the instrumentation lol).

overall, it sounds well produced, its musically interesting and i think you did a great job, keep those nice guitar parts coming what guitar gear do you use btw (just out of interest) ?
Thanks you for commenting on my song.

Down the Avenue
There's an awesome old school 80's feel vibe I'm feeling, especially from the synth sound over the funky like rhythm and that is great. The vocals should come up a bit higher in the mix but they still sound good, very 90's indie like.
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