ok, so i've snapped a lot of strings before, sometimes while tuning up. but this time i was tuning down, as in lower, and the string snapped. i though this could only happen when tuning higher pitched? what does this mean?
Where is it breaking? At the nut? The bridge? Don't tune up or down too fast either.
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that you wore on the strings wrong. happened to me in the past.
my fault was that the strings were too crippled at the tuners. wear em on smoother the next time.
You most likely have a bur on your nut, file it down and use some graphite on it.
Well it could be a number of things. How old was the string? It could just be caused by the string being old and worn out. A sudden change in tension either way can cause a worn string to snap. If it was a very new string, then yes I would assume it's a burr on your guitar.

^ I wouldn't suggest you immediately start filing your nut and lubing it up, though...
there's most likely a small catch or burr on the nut, usedental floss to smooth it out and a little bit of graphite to lubricate it.
Hmm interesting read, I thought that it might have been a floating bridge and the tension caused the snap.
There can be many different culprits when it comes to string breakage, many of them have already been mentioned (burrs at nut/saddles, old strings, etc.).

I even recall an article about Stevie Ray Vaughn's guitar from the perspective of his tech. It mentioned how often he broke his A string--I think is was the A--always at the saddle. The tech did all he could to help the problem, but it was re-occurring.

I think we need some answers before we can really help...

Which string (and which part of the string) broke?

If it broke at the saddle, what kind of bridge do you have?

How old were the strings?

What brand are you using?
ok, well, to be honest i don't know how old or what brand of strings the strings on the guitar are. this guitar was given to me by a friend for free and i've kept the same strings on it since then, and that was like over a year ago, so i know they're at least a year old, but probably still yet older then that because no telling how long he had them on there before he gave the guitar to me. and no, it did not break at the saddle it broke past the nut where it was wrapped up at the tuner, it was the b string. i hope this helps.
It's pretty natural for guitar strings to break at that kind of age...they definitely don't last like bass strings do, especially if you have a heavy attack.

I would say just replace all your strings and if it keeps happening with the new strings then worry about the issue.
Eww a year with the same strings, change um out and you will love the difference it makes. Speaking of changing strings I think I'm going to go do that to time.
alright, thanks you guys. but yeah, i'm about to mod the hell out of this guitar, which is gonna of course include changing the strings and if this happens again i'll definitely get it looked at at a shop. and also i am primarily a bass player so i'm used to strings lasting longer, plus i'm poor but like i said when i get some money it's getting modded.
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