Long story short, I'm right handed and have several right hand guitars.
Well today I was looking around and came across this

Would the intonation be different if I strung it backwards? (E where the e is, A where the B is). I'm assuming I'd have to make minor adjustments, also change the strap location.

Any thoughts? I think it looks sexy and I just want it
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I can't imagine any problems you couldn't fix with one of these bad boys:

EDIT: Also, a new nut
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I'm sure you could get the intonation right if you swapped out the nut and spent plenty of time on the bridge But comfort and upper fret access might be issues
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It will work, but you need a new nut, and to adjust the bridge for intonation.
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Yeah you'll need a new nut, and you'll have to adjust the intonation at the bridge. That should be all though.
I had a lefty guitar teacher who strung a guitar backwards. He just adjusted the bridge and it was all good.

As everyone else suggested, you should probably change the nut though.
I have a lefty that was strung right handed and I haven't gotten around to stringing it the way it was built to be strung. I seldom play it. Intonation is fine, but the knobs are always in the way.
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