I looking at getting a low watt tube head. I think I've narrowed it down to the Epiphone valve jr, Blackheart killer ant or the Blackheart little giant.I want a good classic rock sound AC/DC,Guns and Roses,Judas priest.which one would give me the tone I'm looking for ,or is there anything else in that price range (under $200)I play bass, but want record some guitar tracks. Any advice would be helpful thanks
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For under $200? You don't want much.

Either go with a better used amp, or get a cheaper one and use pedals. You know the groups you mentioned aren't using sub $200 amps in the studio or stage, so getting their tone for under $200 is going to be tough.
You may get a little giant head for that but with cab or a combo will cost between $300 and $400 and for that you could get a used Marshall Class 5 which would be better for those tones.
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hundred bucks more, u can get a class 5
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G&R and Priest are way gainier than what those heads can do. You'd need at least a boost-pedal for that.

Also, neither the Little Giant nor the Valve Junior sound all that great, imo. Dunno about the Killer Ant.

If you want to play them through your bass cab, they probably won't sound great, anyway.
find a Crate Vintage Club 2110 or a Palomino V16.

they literally do exactly what you want.