Ive owned my Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty for two and a half years now and recently decided that it was time for a new one. I figured I could sell my Les Paul for a reasonable amount and would be able to get a new one by christmas. Then....

I was playing it today for a good few hours (standing up as my seat is really awkward for playing in). I go to lift the strap up over my head when it gives way. The guitar fell and hit off the edge of my chair. It now has a 20cm crack running down the neck from that weak point in the headstock

So now I need some help. Should I try selling it for a lot less than the price i intended? Should I try and get it fixed and if so where? How much will it cost?

(I'll make sure to buy a locking strap for my next guitar whatever it may be)
I would sell it broken. While it's never happened to me, I would assume that the price differential would be the cost of the repair plus the value of your time.

Sorry to hear about this though, tough bit of luck man. I've been looking into getting strap locks, but as a rule of thumb, I would hold onto you guitar from now on when you're lifting it: don't just hold the strap!
Never trust straps to do nothing else than make you able to play when standing. Straplocks are really essential, especially when the strap looks like that it's "done for" or that the strap buttons look like "strap killers".
I feel really bad for ye, though... Hopefully someone will pick it up for a little more than a total rip off price.
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I was on the phone which was why I took it off, so I could only use one hand. Stupid I know

I searched google for repair tips and apparently it could just be as simple as using some Hide Glue. I'll take it down to a shop and see what they make of it. Thanks for the response though.
I'd try a local shop and see if you can get a good price for a repair.
Second hand guitars sell cheap, broken second hand guitars you won't even get half what you paid originally. If you can sell (I don't think so to be honest).
In my honest opinion, I think you should get the guitar repaired by a luthier that you know for sure does good work (a cheap bad job will ruin the guitar) and think if you want to keep it as a second guitar for backups, trips, rehearsals or open tunings and then save up for a 'proper guitar'. I say 'proper' as Epiphones as absolutely fine guitars with few frills and a full sound and are guitars that last a lifetime.
Then think about saving up whatever you can and try absolutely every guitar you can, new or second hand and see if you can't strike out and find your perfect guitar at a good price.
I've been playing for a long time, I have many guitars and sometimes I've been lucky buying online, sometimes I've found a 10 year old guitar that has blown me away and sometimes I've been unlucky and bought poorly online.
But you should be able to feel the magic when you try out guitars.
I also broke the neck of my first Les Paul, the button things that that come with gibsons and epis them are a serious mistake in my opinion but hey, if they put Dunlop straplocks on them we'd probably still drop them XD
Good luck and play play playwhatever guitar you have in your hands, a good guitarist can get his own sound out of a petrol can with a couple of strings on it.
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(I'll make sure to buy a locking strap for my next guitar whatever it may be)

Good Idea...

Most of us learn the hardway... I've only dropped one in the last 40 years... Haven't dropped anotherone in 39...

I buy a set with every guitar I buy... Or I've asked the guy behind the counte if he's got just the studs that mount on the guitar... usually he charges me a couple bucks, or gives them to me for free... all my straps already have them installed...
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Hmm, keeping it as a secondary guitar is a pretty nice idea. didn't think about that. Especially as my next one I'm going to get set up for drop c# (What my band plays in)

As for choosing my next one I plan on taking a day trip down to Andertons to give a load a good shot. A friend of mine spent eight hours in there before he made up his mind.
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if they put Dunlop straplocks on them we'd probably still drop them.

the store I got my first gibson from gave me a set of dunlop strap locks with it, they were replaced with schaller ones before the end of the first week, I can't stress how poorly designed dunlop strap locks are. Infact they are still sat in my box of miscellaneous spares as a result of not wanting anyone else to risk their instrument with them
This doesn't have much to do with your original question, but I figured I'd make the suggestion. Theres a guy that sells these little cheap plastic washers that are cut into the shape of a C, and he sells them to use as strap locks. They seem kind of cheap, but in for the past 3 years I've used them on all my guitars and I haven't dropped one once. You don't have to drill any new holes or install new hardware on your guitar, they just clip on over the exsisting strap button. I paid like 5 bucks for 12 of them.

As for your guitar, I'd get it repaired and keep it - then look forward to getting something a little more upper-class, so you have a reliable one to fall back on.
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