Hey guys,

Well, I'm looking to buy my first guitar (second if you include a crappy Ebay guitar I got a while back), and I have a budget of $400 AU. What are your suggestions for a guitar? If it helps, the music I'd like to play includes Muse, Tool and Metallica.

I know you probably get this question a lot, but thanks a bunch in advance if you help me out
Ibanez RG3EXFM1

Stock pickups are alright, not bad at all, just not DiMarzio's
I've had mine since October of 2009 and never looked back, thing is a beauty.

Plus, once you have the money? Replacing the Pickups with a decent pair will put this Guitar neck-to-neck with thousand dollar models in terms of sound.

But then again, I'm just a pit monkey, what do I know?
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a late 1980's or early 1990s 500 series ibanez rg. It has an edge bridge which is the same bridge that came on the JEM on its time, and the same Neck. Just no monkey grip. I have a 1989 rg 560 (h/s/s) that i got for 200 like 6 years ago. Now their worth like 500 Dollars but the euro is stronger so i think its in your price range. I put evolutions on mine so now its sounds just like a JEM, except in the neck i have a hot rails.



theres the 550 which has 2 humbuckers, the 560 which is h/s/s/ and the 570 which is h/s/h.

My guitar never goes out of tune no matter how much i use the whammy bar, I cut the string abve the locks and it still stays in tune awesome. Its light, easy to play. great sustain.

The bridge on these is way better than the one on the RG3EXFM1

Heres a pic of my guitar when i was swapping the pickups i took it all apart but its back toegether now.

Probably one of the Ibanez guitars mentioned.

However I have a $350 Jackson Randy Rhoads V (no tremolo, but there is a model with a Floyd if you want it) and I like it a lot. It took some getting used to at first but I feel very comfortable with it and it sounds about as good as you'll get from stock pickups at that price.

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Ltd M100fm.

This +1

I had a M100FM and the neck was the most comfortable I have ever played and the FR on it will stay in tune much better than the ones that come on any RG's in your price range.

There is also the LTD Viper 100FM.
Unforutnately, I'm struggling to find any of these things for cheap enough in Australia (prices here are heaps more expensive for no real reason).

I've gone through a lot of shops and found some possibilities, what do you think:



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