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What music man guitars come in a case like this?

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If it is an EBMM, I'm already super jealous. But I get the feeling it'll be something like a PRS randomly thrown in an Musicman case. Or just a case.
Nobody wants to play....?

Its an EBMM JP6 W w/ S/P/MHS

Not enough abbreviations for you?

I recently got my Ernie Ball Music Man John Pretucci 6.

Its glorious.



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Neck: 25.5 24 Frets, Maple one piece neck with Rosewood board.
Pups: Steve Special, I also have the CrunchLab to fit in it if I fancy a change (Bridge) LiquiFier (Neck).
Bridge: Custom John Petrucci Trem with Piezo.
Options: Shields, Piezo and matched head stock ( i.e fully loaded )

This guitar is just awesome and I don't even like Dream theatre, but shit John can design a great guitar.

Its incredibly well thought out, well designed, practical, comfortable and surprisingly flexible, even with just a HH configuration and even with a lack of coil taps it can do some lovely mellow sounds. The one thing I noticed most when I first got the guitar is the sense class, its not my usual cup of tea, its got no figured tops, no overt inlays (the shields are much more subtle in reality) and its not an Ibanez, yet it retains a air of being something special. I can only imagine how the BFR models are.

I bought this guitar after a friend gave me some very very good advice, I hit a rut with buying guitars of about equal quality, I was only taking sidesteps and finding that everything was frustrating and nothing was quite meeting the standards I had come to want from my gear. So when looking for the guitar I thought I wanted, a PRS CE24, I stumbled across this for mad price. Not quite $120 though, but not bad either.... I had a think about it and went for it, this guitar is 2nd hand but I cant see why...

This is the best built guitar I have owned. Hands down. The finish is flawless and well applied, the routing is accurate and well finished, the details such as the battery casing or knobs are just true class..

...I doubt I could get another guitar close to what these are going for 2nd hand with this attention to detail. Its just laid out in a way that works. It feels solid, it may as well be a neck thru guitar as far as the feeling of solidity goes. Its insane. I know Sterling goes on about how well made his guitars are. He isnt lying.

Its also quite hard to see how sculpted the guitars body is, but its more curvy than an ESP Horizon, its got beautiful contours that make it incredibly ergonomic, its not quite a Parker, but its incredibly comfortable.

To play it, the neck is a joy. Its a 15" radius, so its not too round, but not too flat. Its a real compromise. It feels like the best neck I have ever played. Its such a natural and comfortable profile its hard to actually feel it when you play, its just there and you dont even notice it. Its that good. It feels like you are playing strings and the neck isnt there. Its not a fat neck and its certainly on the skinny side of thing, but its well shaped and unlike most thin wide necks. Its just amazing and I havent played anything thats this good. Its also the only let down on the guitar...

...Its not the most figured EBMM neck I have seen, in fact by their standards its pretty plain. But I dont look at the back of my guitars very often so thats not that big a deal... Will just have to make sure the next one is better...

The guitars sound is pretty clinical. Its precise, neutral and allows for a real varied palate of tones. The dimarzios are brilliant, I dont know why I bothered thinking about some BKPs for this, they are a very well matched pair and I love the way they middle position is mellow, how smooth the neck and the bite from the bridge. Its not full on uber br00tz which is nice, I like mid output pups for my high gain tones, so I might go for a nice Air Norton for the bridge in future but we shall see...

The Piezo is a great feature, I have been pretending to have an acoustic guitar all week. It sounds acoustic, not quite as deep as the real thing, but for a light weight solid electric guitar its not far off. I had issues with it being quite bright or boomy when having trouble EQ'ing it, but after a little work I figured it out and now can get convincing acoustic tones from it. Its awesome running it in stereo too when I fancy it.

The bridge is something I had reservations about, I have had a traditional style trem on a "metal" guitar before and coupled with locking tuners and although very very very very very good, it wasnt a floyd. This one however, is solid. I am hardly Dimebag, but I use the trem alot and this does most of the tricks. Its also held solid by the mamoth locking tuners and top class nut.

This is the best guitar I have ever owned. I will have more than one by the end of the year, thats a definite. Not only that but my new job requires that I actually keep this one, so it wont be on eBay for pennies by the end of next week....

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
That image or video has been moved or deleted. Photobucket.

Hngd, but I wanna see!

Edit: nevermind, it works now.


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Ah yes, the elusive "This image or video has been moved or deleted" signature Photobucket guitar. I've never seen one in person.

EDIT: OK ok, now they're working.

Needless to say I am extremely jealous. That is a shame that the neck isn't extremely figured, although it certainly isn't bad by any means.

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Ah nice, I do love those EBMM's

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HNGD - that looks awesome, enjoy it.

Being a huge Dream Theater fan, I find myself more desirous of playing one of these with each bit of live footage I watch. I actually just bought his old signature model yesterday (the JPM100 with the old Picasso paint from the early 90's) and my only reservation was that the Musicmans had the Piezo and the Ibanez didn't - I'd love to get my hands on one to try out.

That being said, if you do end up selling it on eBay for pennies, I'll let you know where to find me.
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HNGD!!!! You're description makes me want.............

So, on a serious note, how long do you think this one will last? I say a month.........max
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HNGD! White guitars are just the best. Looks excellent.
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super jelly. ive been after an ebmm for years, they just have the best tone ever
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Congrats! EBMM's are very nice indeed!
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hmm? music man made guitars, basses and amps since ~'76. EB bought them in ~84. i thought they bought music man because of the prestigious history (and characters involved in the history) and they don't even claim it.

great guitar. good choice. that thing is loaded.
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i had mah nutz on et.
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so, how long will this one stay around, Tom? maybe a month or 2?
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HNGD...that thing should play like a beast and purr like a lady.

Yes, ladies can purr. If you didn't know you've been doing something wrong, or doing something other than a lady.

Where was I? OH yeah, enjoy the guitar!
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Dude, white guitars the best. HNGD
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Thanks guys.

Its going to be around for a long time, this thing is incredible. Next big spend will be some nice amplification sort of gear I think.

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i had mah nutz on et.

I had to use the EB guitar polish thanks to your smudges

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb

Told you you wouldn't need BKPs in it The Steves Special is great, IMO its as good as the CrunchLab but it gets overlooked so much. Great pickup for a basswood guitar.

When I first saw your pics I was hoping it would be pearl white instead of the normal white
The trem is seriously great too. I can abuse mine a fair bit and it will go a tiny tiny bit out (usually only the G and low B strings) but thats without any lube on the nut. Some Big Bends nut sauce and it will return perfectly even if you go mad with the trem.

I can show you what a real birdseye neck looks like if you want
Your Axis is always worth whoring out Phil

Yeah, the white is nice though, I couldnt afford a yummy pearl white or mystic dream though.... Next time.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
I don't like Mystic Dream that much, but pearl white looks awesome. Since you got it second hand you obviously were limited in your choices, but the only paint that costs more new is the mystic dream. Candy Red looks nice too, not that I'm biased or anything

I think a JP6 is going to be my next guitar, I need another 6. If I can find one for a good price, hopefully a BFR

Axis.. whoring? Moi? Never!


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Awesome sauce man.

I've only ever played a Sterling JP with stock pups and no piezo and even that blew me away so I can't even imagine how amazing a proper JP is.
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I give it three weeks.

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Its here to stay

Quote by littlephil
I don't like Mystic Dream that much, but pearl white looks awesome. Since you got it second hand you obviously were limited in your choices, but the only paint that costs more new is the mystic dream. Candy Red looks nice too, not that I'm biased or anything

I think a JP6 is going to be my next guitar, I need another 6. If I can find one for a good price, hopefully a BFR

Axis.. whoring? Moi? Never!


Thats such an awesome bit of figuring on your Axxis.

The white is nice, but as I said, I couldnt afford much nicer, but even then the finish is gorgeous. The reds are really nice, I love the Candy Red or the other Red Burst they do for them.

JP6s are going for not a lot 2nd hand if your willing to buy from the states? I really like the look of the JPXI but they are still alot of money, same for the BFRs unless your willing to get a fairly well loved one.....

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
Yeah I'm definitely going to be buying from the states. I got my JP7 new in Aus, and for what I paid for it I could have got a second hand BFR7 from the states (if there was someone selling one)

I've seen a few BFR's for around $2500 which isn't bad at all, I'd buy one for that.

My Axis is pretty sweet. First time I saw pics of it, I said I was going to own it one day. I was right
Yeah and I would say $2500 isnt too bad for a nice Koa BFR7 but I would want a 6 and they are like hens teeth

I think I will be getting another one of these at some point. I really really like this guitar.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
first i was like: HEY tom commented on a NGD..

then i was reading the first post...

and now am i like: How long is tom gonna keep that guitar til he has to sell him again?

lol, HNGD
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i had mah nutz on et.

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i think i got some in the output jack.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
oh, thats what that smell was.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
Congrats on the new purchase, looks great and you're bang on about the quality of EB/MM guitars. Once I got my Axis only a few other guitars (other brands) have matched it in quality and they were vastly more expensive as well!
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Pop out that truss rod, and I would LOVE IT. XD hahahaha
HNGD! I still hate you.

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