I've been playing guitar for about 7 years and have had my mexi strat for about 5. I'm absolutely in love with my strat but always wonder what would be the best way to upgrade and what vintage strat or higher end strat would have a the most similar feel and sound to and early 2000s mexi strat. thanks in advance!

P.s already feel like my amp and effects are perfectly fine the way they are.
get a full size brass sustain block, roller nut/trees, locking tuners, new electronics, new pickups.
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i'm with rob. if you do really like your guitar, then upgrade the cheap crap on it:

-pups (i use suhrs, but there are many to choose from)
-pots (something like CTS pots can be quite an upgrade)
-(possibly input jack, my mexi input jack gave me nothing but headaches 'til i replaced it)
-bridge/saddles (i like callaham stuff)
-tuners (i love the sperzel locking tuners on my T2)

just make the guitar you already like more badass. personally, i'd have a good tech rewire the entire guitar while replacing my pots and pups (i did that with my strat).
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