Hello you all!
My first guitar was the cheap Squier Fender Strat which i had for like 4 years before i got my beloved American Vintage Fender. Now I've been playing with this Fender and I admit I have my Squier unused for more than 1-2 years. So what I thought was, what if I made something good out of this thing?

My thought on this project is to make the Squier a bit more rock'n'roll/rockabilly sounding/looking instument by putting TV Jones pickups on bridge/neck positions and also replacing its tremolo with a bigsby. Firstly, are these mods ok with a Squier or would they kill it softly? If someone has also other ideas with what to do with my Squier (apart from painting it blue and throwing it into the deep blue sea) I'd really love to discuss.

Thank you UG'ists!
there might be a problem w/ the bigsby. if you remove the strat-style tremolo, you're left with quite a big hole at the place where you need to place your bridge. Overall it would require filling in the hole and refinishing the guitar to make it look consistently.
replace nut, add locking tuners, fretboard mods(refret and scallop), pickup and electronic replacement, adding things like sustain switch etc.
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