Im 13 years old and im in a Punk/Pop-Punk band, think Blink 182, Green Day etc. We have been doing covers for a while now and want to write a few songs and make a demo. This is my song I have written so far, what do you think ?

Im tired and im reckless, I cant go home
Im usless and regretfull, I have nowhere to go
So drop the guns and call the cops
Its all a messy blur
Im standing in the payphone, trying to find my home

Like a rabbit caught in the headlights I had nowhere to run
When its all said and done, are you still having fun?
These images they fill my head, like a moth to a flame
You brought this on yourself my friend, im not sharing the blame

Rifling through my pockets, better make this call last
My one shot at failure, a blast from the past
Its straight to the answer phone, my lucks ran out
Stranded and im restless in this broken town