Hi guys! I have a Presonus Firepod. I'm always jamming with backing tracks and amplitube and I'd like to know how could I record what I hear from my computer.
I don't want to get into cubase and separate tracks and stuff.

I just want to record the backing track and me playing on at the same time on the same track just like recording directly what is playing on my speakers but without micing it!

Thanks for your help!
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Which version of Amplitube are you using? The most recent versions have a simple four-track recording thing at the bottom.

Load up your backing track, click 'record' and it'll mix down your practice to an audio file on the PC.
Wow nice I didn't know the latest version could do that! I have 2.0 now but I'll buy the 3.0 right away! THanks a lot!
There's a free version of Ampltiube 3 that's really comprehensive - start with that and if you like it, you can buy individual amps and things from the 'gear store' rather than pay for the whole thing.