First off what's the difference between DC700 and DC727?

Style I play is Periphery, Tesseract, mostly progressive metal (djent).

MA - Maple Neck/Alder Body
ASH - Maple Neck/Swamp Ash Body
KOA - Maple Neck/Koa Body
MAH - Maple Neck/Mahogany Body
NKOA - Koa Neck & Body
NMAH - Mahogany Neck & Body
NWAL - Walnut Neck & Body
TC - Maple Neck & Body
WAL - Maple Neck & Walnut Body

So they are the wood options. Koa sounds like it would be best for the style i'm thinking of.
How different would KOA sound to NKOA?

I was also thinking of "Greenburst Flame". Would that be much different to green with black burst edges?

Do neck woods make a huge difference in terms of sound? Can you recommend wood option for me for my style?

Also I've only ever played Rosewood fingerboard......how would others compare?