thought i'd post a quick NGD..

it's been in the making for 18 months now! finally shelled out the money to get what i've wanted for so long..

so i wanted a telecaster, i looked high and low for a very long time.. tried all the variations but still only the traditional kept on my shopping list!

so here it is..

Fender USA Standard from 2001, lovely sunburst with a very very nice maple neck..
I won't bore you with the rest of the spec, I'm sure tele enthusiasts will know!


Build quality: absolutely top draw, over 10 years old and still feels beautiful and has a nice worn in feel all over - which makes it nicer imo!
The case is well used with a loose handle but nevermind!

Sound: the alinco pickups are lovely, just what i was after, all of the clarity and bite you need... perfect for what i play..

Overall: absolutely love it, need to get the strings changed and maybe a slight tweak on set up but to be honest it's very minor.. for me... 9.5/10

Not done a review in ages, have i missed anything?


will get more pics when i have a better camera - if people want!
HNGD! Classic tele, when i think "telecaster" that's the exact one i think of. I love the sound of teles, but i can never get comfortable playing one for some reason. Plan on building one soon though!

I would recommend yes, change the strings and have it properly intonated and set up and you'll be good to go!
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I used to hate Tele's. I think every does at some point, but they definitely grow on you. It's a great no bullshit guitar that's designed to get the job done and does so very well.
is the hardware gold? I can't tell if it is or if it's just the camera effects.

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I really envy you, man. That is one sexy Tele. HNGD!!

I myself want a Baja Tele. Maybe I'll have enough for it next year
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I own a 2000 MIA standard with the same finish and neck and everything. The only thing is that I have a black pickguard. Anyways, it has the best neck I've ever played on and it's a really solid guitar. The only problem is that the way it's set up now it doesn't really do my style of music very well. However, as a guitar to play anything from rock to jazz it does the job well and it's fun to play acoustically too. You got a nice guitar my friend.

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