Ok, so I'm convinced that what I really need is a new tremolo (ok, so I'm talking about the pedal effect, and I've never owned one, so w/e).

I was hoping you guys could send me a few links to a few songs that use it. I know it basically shifts the volume up and down, but I notice a lot of demos don't use the shape control feature much, and I'm curious if there are any bands that make extensive use of the effect.

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I am LOVING these. Outside of surf and rockabilly, are there any genres I should look to for tremolo use?
Maximum volume yields maximum goats.
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throw a light trem on yellow ledbetter. sounds perfect. im not 100% sure, but i would swear mccready is using a very subtle trem effect or perhaps a leslie (he was in fact attempting to play in a hendrix like style for that song).

oh yeah, throw a light trem on hedrix stuff. he used a leslie. with a good tremolo pedal set right you can kinda get that sound.

i just got a lovepedal babyface and its awesome after you tweak the internal controls.


yeah i would say there is a very slight vibrato effect. VERY discrete. anyways i like to play that way. best thing about a good tremolo unit is that they can add depth and sparkle to a clean tone and make it sound amazing.

sure effects like green day is cool, but the best way i like to use trem is when you probably cant even tell its there. like i said, just add depth and SHIMMER is the better word.
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I think radiohead;'s creep uses a shimmer tremolo effect
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Set it off - Audioslave. Awesome intro with trem.
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