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Hello and welcome to the (Musical) Theatre Thread! In this thread, all topics relating to the theatre and the musical theatre will be discussed!

I'll start!

I'm currently part of my colleges Drama society, Dramsoc and I'm getting into tech and stage management. I stage managed my first show two weeks ago, it was Frankenstein!

Then, last night I went to see Cabaret! It was amazing! After the show and all day today was the get-out which basically involves taking down all the lights and cleaning up a shit load of cables!

So yeah, go!

Here's a classic.

and a more modern:
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I like musical theatre but I warn you TS, you will be called a fag.

A lot.

I know, trust me. Don't really care to be honest.
The only musical I was and ever will be able to sit through is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
ggg1 ggg3

I performed in an adaptation of the Wizard of Oz for my small ass high school.

My only experience with theater was being a stage hand for props. I would have loved to act but I get nervous in front of a lot of people, let alone speaking out loud. I did go see a friend perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show and it was just lovely.
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Musical theater is awful

What about normal theatre? This thread is for both, that's why I have musical in parentheses.
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I pretty much never leave the drug thread anymore.
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So we can have any kind of sports thread, gaming thread etc. but no theatre thread? Why?
I have a story about theatre. its going to be long.

In the 80's when my father was working from 9am-11pm in the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, one of the many shows they did was Dracula.

Well, the props all moved in and out for the different scenes all completly mechanically and syncronised and it looked really awesome apparently. The stage director of the show wanted to see the props being moved in and moved out for when new scenes were to be set. So the crew drew the curtains open to see all the props moving around.

It looked really impresive watching all of these props shape-shifting and move around mechanically, so what the stage director decided to do was to not draw the curtains at the end of each scene, so the audience could see the scenes move around because it looked really cool.

On the same day, a reharsal was taking place for the madman playing the organ in the insane asylum. The organ and the madman actually came down from the theater cieling and landed on the stage as it came in and the madman would step off.

Well, my father was in control of the pulley system that controlled the organ's descent. what was really critical was for the madman to step off the organ when the organ actually fully landed on the stage because the pulleys for controlling the organ would go out of balance. If the madman stepped off, the result of which would be an organ weighing several tons would fly up and crash into the cieling, destroying the theatre. So my dad told the actor to be really careful to not step off the organ before it lands on the stage.

Well, at the night of the performance, everything went accroding to plan until the insane asylum scene. You can possibly see were this is going now.

Well, as the scenes changed and the audience saw the spectacular effects of the props all moving around, shape-shifing and everything else, the crowd got stoked. As the organ came down the begin the scene, the madman was stoked from the crowd reacting so well to the scenes changing. He got so excited that he forgot what my dad said. He jumped off the organ before it landed. The organ headed for the cieling.

My dad quickly grabbed the rope and it carried him towards the ceiling a whole 40 feet up. He had no safety harness or anything like that. He just went up into the ceiling holding onto the rope with his life.

He was up to the level of the upper auditorium lights backstage. Each light has a switch on it to turn the light on and off manually. With his toe, my dad rapidly was switching the light on and off to warn the guys in the sound desk that somthing was wrong. Thankfully, they noticed from the scene-setter that one of the lights was flickering.

One of the technical directors went backstage, up the stairs up to the top of the shaft where the pully system was, and found my dad clinging onto the rope from 40 feet up. He was pretty lucky to be alive.

tl;dr Madman in dracula jumped off the organ at the wrong time, organ shot into the ceiling, dad grabbed onto rope to stop it from crashing into the ceiling, held onto dear life and was eventually rescued.

Edit: **** off with the pear.
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*Long-ass but awesome story*

That's epic.

I have been active in theatre for 9-10 years now (i'm 17!), and one of my favorite shows that I have ever done was A Christmas Carol at my local theatre when I was 10 or so. I was one of the Cratchit children. It was awesome because I got to get out of school in the mornings for day shows.

I find theatre fun, and I don't give a shit if you call me a fag.
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That's awesome! Do you mainly act/sing or do you do a bit of tech/props/stage management/front of house etc. ?
Act/sing, the most recent thing that I've done was my school's production of The Good Doctor, which I starred in! I'm going to college for studio production/engineering, so I will probably be doing some front of the house at some point, but all I'll be really doing is sitting there being jealous.

What do you normally do?
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I can't look at anything starting with BB and not thinking big busty.
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I played sax in my school's musical last year, and might do guitar this year...

But that's band, technically.

Closest I've done to anything theatre anyways.
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I think about 99% of the pit would actually love Avenue Q....

I know, that's why I posted it. Most people don't really get what musical theatre is.
They would probably love The Book of Mormon as well...
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I can't look at anything starting with BB and not thinking big busty.
Big Busty Queefing.
Ah well, their loss! I seen Cabaret for the first time last night, it was amazing! Has anyone seen it? - I don't want to spoil anything etc.
No, sounds awesome though.
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I can't look at anything starting with BB and not thinking big busty.
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It's well worth seeing! But there's points in it when a song will finish and you're applauding but you're not sure if you should be applauding the theme!
Just looked it up, and I can see what you mean! I'd still like to see it though.

A while back, a theatre in New York did Company, by Stephen Sondhiem, and they filmed a show and played it in some movie theatres. I went to see it and it was awesome! It had Neil Patrick Harris, Stephen Colbert, that redhead from Mad Men, and even Jon Cryer! Colbert's actually a pretty good singer, Cryer isn't bad either.
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I can't look at anything starting with BB and not thinking big busty.
Big Busty Queefing.
Spring Awakening FTW!
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ololol TS is a fag...


But really, I love stuff like this, anything by Stephen Sondheim is pure awesome and I've a friend who's involved in these all the time (he's got an audition coming up in the London Guildhall coming up, which is pretty big considering he's Irish).
Closest I've been to being involved in one was playing guitar in the band for one last May, although I keep auditioning. Maybe I'll get in one day
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Spit is a milf

If there's anything I've learned in the past few years of hanging out with former theatre kids...

Its that I should have been one. They all have ridiculous sex lives
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Went to see Billy Elliot in the West End. I only went cuz I was taking a friend for xmas. She's really into that sort of thing. I wasn't. We watched it and it was incredible. It was so good. Thoroughly recommend it. We're going to see War Horse at the start of January.
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I'm going to see Wicked in a few weeks.

It's awesome.
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I can't look at anything starting with BB and not thinking big busty.
Big Busty Queefing.
I've getting quite into musicals lately, and I'll admit that I've been watching quite a few Disney and Disneyesque movies from the nineties lately, mainly because I never saw them when I was a child (other than Lion king).

And now, I am taking up the crazy task of writing and composing my own musical:

Oh yeah, and 'Out There' and 'Hellfire' from Hunchback of Notre Damne are awesome songs.
Musical Theatre! *jazz hands*

...what am I doing on this site...
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I'm not sure whether I love it or hate it.

I did the guitar part for 'Fame! The Musical' and there were some great parts and parts that made me want to kill myself. Also, actors/actresses are arseholes. Having to be in the same general area as so many of them was painful.
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