I love it. I can't think of anything better to say.

Don't worry about looking at my stuff, I haven't recorded in forever.
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First off, Cloudkicker fan?

The drumming reminds me a lot of his work. Is this Superior Drummer or one of the toontrack machines? I'd like to know your mixer settings because I've never tried changing anything with the presets.

I liked the bass - it had a good place in the mix and the panning of it is something I don't really hear in other music, it's usually just centered.

What's making your ambient noises in the background? I loved that too.

I agree with reeverside, it could use more progression. Strophic verse form is all and well and it's used very effectively in post-rock but I would add two themes in and change between them, keeping the strophic layered order the same (meaning don't start the buildup over, just keep adding).
Hey thanks for the crit!

Yeah you're thinking of Let Yourself Be Huge right? I love cloudkicker. The drums are stock N.Y. Avatar kit, and I'm using these amazing settings I found online somewhere.. I'll message them to you.

The ambient sounds in the background are made by Native Instruments Massive synth. I'm using the stock preset "A pad to pluto" or something like that.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could add another theme without starting the build up over? I'm trying to add some progression but I can't without it sounding out of place.
Well that can be tricky when you have a really good riff and atmosphere already set up. Sometimes you just don't want to let it go and just wind up repeating it to hell. I get stuck in that trap a lot, and trust me, you don't want it to happen. I can't tell you how many one-riff songs I've written that I've just dropped because of poor progression. It's the same exact problem you're having.

What you have to do is sit there with one instrument and come up with multiple riffs consecutively. They can be small fragments or large themes, just try to get at least three in your head before you even think of the piece as a whole.

If you choose to use an established form (which is unlikely for post-rock) such as verse-chorus, the verse is normally the less "active" section while the chorus is normally bursting with activity. The middle 8 is then strikingly different from both others, creating the average flow that you hear for a lot of songs/pieces.

If you want to go the "free-form experiment" route (or something to that nature), I would still use the same advice, because from my own experience they do stem from this sort of variation in activity. A lot of more complicated songs still come from ABA - A being one verse-chorus structure and B being yet another verse-chorus structure, almost like two songs in one.

You can always just go with the prog "through-composed" route where nothing repeats, of course. That's also common in post-rock, but it's very difficult to transition between that many themes.

After this is done, then you cue in the instruments and all of that. The song pretty much writes itself once you get into harmony and textures and stuff like that. It's the foundation that's important to get down first.

In this case, I would analyze what you've already wrote and vary it how you see fit. You may end up getting into the same creative flow I described above - it's all about confidence, really. Once you find a variation that you like, you'll be happy and not so preoccupied and frustrated and everything will just come to you right there.

And if that doesn't work, drop it and start something else (using the multi-theme process) until you one day decide that you've written something that would match it well. There's no shame in not making a deadline.
I like it, very atmospheric to me. The guitar tone is great, and the drums go well with the overall sound. The song seems like its going to build up to something big but it never gets there. Other than that it seem pretty solid. Thanks for the crit!
Thanks for the critique, sorry it took so long for me to look at your music.
I have to agree with the post before me, its a nice riff, it has a cool sound to it, but it needs more too it. I think you either need to switch it up more, or add some more aggressive lead to it. Either way this is a great job, your quality was good and your drums sounded pretty good
Good job
Thank all of you for your critique! I've crit'd back to everybody who's given one. I made an edit where I've updated the song a little, and I think I'm making progress. Instead of completely switching themes, I think I'm just going to build on it by harmonizing, adding more sound effects, and melodies.
Not bad at all! I found the drums to be a bit aggressive for the style and maybe the inclusion of some more instruments (a touch of piano in the intro would be brilliant) would lift the song from mediocre to something quite good.