Hello, I have an Ibanez rg1570z. It is an awesome guitar, it has a humbucker - single coil - humbucker.
Because I've got more interested in fenders the last months, I've come with the idea to change the single coil pickup my guitar has to a fender pickup.
I'm hoping to get a fender sound that way and I'll still have the awesome humbuckers for some heavier parts.

The problem is: I don't have any experience with changing pickups. So I have some questions:

- Will I actually get a Fender stratocaster sound if I'll do this? Maybe the sound depends much on the neck too (the type of wood) and won't it work out.

- What single coil (made by Fender) is suggested

- Are there any other pickups made by other factories that are maybe better?

- How does the process of changing pickups go? Is it possible to do it at a shop? Do I need to do it myself? Is there a chance of screwing my guitar?

- Would you suggest me to change them?

Oh maybe this is something good to tell too: The single coil is the middle pickup. Not the neck pickup or bridge pickup but the one between them.
That changes the sound too.

I am not very happy with the single coil it has now, especially when I compare it too the humbuckers.
But that's maybe because I'm playing through a bad amp..

I'm sorry if this topic is in the wrong section.
its very much a case of replacing wires like-for-like.
You need to account for the physical size of the pickups also. Remember that most Fender pickups mount from underneath a pickguard and in my experience Ibanez ones are set straight into the body.
It depends on what sound you want as to what pickup to get, but they usually come in 2's or 3's if you buy them new (telecaster / stratocaster sets)
You wont have as dramatic a change in sound unless your amp is also up to par. There's no point in undertaking a pickup upgrade if you have a wee practice amp. Save and get something better, then think about pickups.
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i dont know too much about fender pups, but go to your local store and talk to the guitar guys there. most stores have guys who fix and modify guitars themselves, or at least are in contact with someone who does, so its just a matter of going up and finding out
yes, changing from ibby stock pickups is recommended if you have the money, and i would also look into seymour duncan - from what i've heard they sell good pickups for good prices (im in the process of swapping out my pups as well, so im about to find out soon, i guess)
any number of lower output strat-style single coils made by a variety of manufacturers will get you as close to a strat sound as you're going to get with your rg.

what's your budget, what's your amp, and what country are you in?
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