Hello everyone,

I am looking to replace my Line 6 GuitarPort. It is a nightmare trying to get the playback to work on my laptop (Samsung QX410)

I am looking for something simple and easy to use for Windows 7. Is there anything on the market that is simple to install and use as desired?

The new Line 6 ports are a lot better (read: faster) than the older ones.

But it's not so much the hardware. When you get lag or playblack errors or sound with these sorts of thing it's usually because your computer simply isn't up to doing such complex sound processing and recording so quickly. What's the actual spec of your laptop (there are several models of QX410)?
Its an intel Core i5. The soundcard is using a realtek chip.

When I had it working on my desktop computer using an onboard audio ports, i had to actually buy a sound card to get this thing to work. I was hoping that since the laptop is more modern, it would be better able to work with this technology.
you defo want an interface.

no pc soundcard is gunna be good enough for real time zero latency, 44khz, amplifying and converting to digital.

you could have a look at the line 6 pod GX, one guitar input, pretty simple.
an i5, should be fine.

also, get amplitube, free.