I am sure some of you know that most songs I have uploaded over the past year have been tied into a single story arc, this is the first song I have written in over a year that has nothing to do with that story. The title, "Captain Bella Lind", any Alastair Reynolds fan will recognize as it is the main character in his novel "Pushing Ice".

And while in many ways this song is about the ungodly struggles of that novel, this song is about myself as much as it is about her, it was just one of those songs I needed to write, I couldn't do anything else with music until I had done this.

That being said, there is a lot of cool stuff in here, spacey tone solos, odd proggy riffs, a big ambient instrumental section, and all that good stuff. So I hope you enjoy!


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Captain Bella Lind
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

From the weight of her past
She can hear them whisper
In the thick veils, shrouded, in total darkness

Haven't you failed?
Why do you persist?

Isolated in the years of the iron sky
The echoes of time immortal
Slowly eating reality

You have failed!
You must not persist!
You will failed!
You cannot persist!

A billion years from their star
Locked inside a time slipstream
The last remnants of the humans
Stand on the cosmic precipice
Eternity remains uncertain
And reality begins to slip away
Trapped inside a shell of herself
A step too close to the abyss

She will face the dark
Challenge the demons of the void
Stare into the blinding absence
And tread forward with vigilance

I cannot allow myself to die
Even if its the only thing I want

Pioneering the last frontier
Touching a truly alien mind
Knowing what cannot be known
And never buckling beneath its weight

Captain Bella Lind
The benefactor of time

Captain Bella Lind
Alone at the end of time

As the future became
Eerily all too calm
The darkness would return

Unknown forces would strive to see
Our demise for their own needs
But I am too ****ing stubborn to die

Faced with extinction
Yet again
The captain
Will she prevail?

The loss of their world
Yet again
The humans
Would they prevail?

Captain Bella Lind
The benefactor of time

Captain Bella Lind
Alone at the end of time


Just realized I have two accounts with the same name, and I am logged into the wrong one....
The intro had me hooked as soon as the track started. When the entire song came in, I knew that this would be awesome. Excellent quality and tones on all instruments. The vocals are really well done. And those effects to top them? So damn sick. Lead guitar is very well played. Catchy song too. Wish I had the money to create music like this. I'd definitely listen to this on a regular basis. The lyrics are great! Love how diverse this song is. You've got yourself a fantastic track.

Thanks for the critique!
Wow man... Wow. Awesome. Just like Harlot said, the intro made me know this song would be good, and i was right.
The only thing that i didn't like (which really isn't a "bad" thing, just a personal preference of mine..) were the vocals. Not that they were bad, but i just could never get into the "death metal growls". But again, they weren't bad.
Did you record this yourself or have access to the recording? If so, would it be possible to upload an instrumental of this song?
If not, no problem at all.
Awesome song man. Great work.
I'm actually not using anything really expensive to record this.

Guitar are PODX3 Live going into Reaper via USB
Drums are SSD
Effects are Guitar Rig and Absynth
Vocals recorded with POD as well

Nothing fancy going on here, just a lot of time and patience

Thanks for the words guys!
Lascaille's Shroud

Progressive Cosmic Death Metal


You only exist because we allow it,
And you will end because we demand it.
Since you reviewed 2 of my songs (thank you!), I'm back for a second helping of death. You already know my feelings on death metal vocals, though I like the vocals in this tune better than the previous song I reviewed. Your playing is tight, per usual. Good guitar riffs & drums...and keyboards. The middle synths were surprising......I like them.....but it sure is a different style than the death metal I'm familiar with. I like the synth at 5:40. At 6:40 the style is changing again, again in a surprising fashion. At 7:15 sounds very nice. I'm not sure I've heard prog death metal before....interesting combination of styles. Potty-mouth vocal alert! Not surprisingly, the instrumentals were my favorite part: good!
Thanks for the crit man,
I love the intro of this, nice production and good tones, solo tone could use some more reverb/delay imo but they work anyway.
Vocals are well executed and the lyrics are good though some parts could have used some clean vocals instead of death.
Love the ambient and instrumental section, the solo is well done as too, the double bass drums get a bit repetitive after a while and could use some more variations.
Great song and production overall though, very nice!