Would there be negative effects if I were to mix string brands as part of my guitar setup? I want to get the Not Even Slinkies (12-56) plus a lower string to use as a B-string for a seven string, and the only half suitable ones I could find on eBay was an EB 70 string and a D'Addario 59. I gather the 70 would be way too thick, but I really want the 12 for the 1st string and 56 for the 6th. I know there's a D'Addario set of 12-60, and I found a D'Addario 56 string that I could use for the 6th and push the 60 to the 7th string, am I better just to go with that?
are you really poor? i am sorry if you are, but if you aren't extremely poor then why not buy a set of all those strings and see which one works the best for your purposes?

i mean we're talking about maybe 20 or 30 dollars worth of strings at most and it's hard to believe we'll be able to guess what you're going to like.
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If you're comfortable with a 12 for the high E then a 59 won't cut it for a low B, you'll need at least a 62 I reckon.

That being said... they're just strings, what do you think mixing brand is going to do?
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