Hey, thanks for the crit on my song!

-theres a bit of background noise in the recording, which is pretty loud, but it's nothing serious.
-the recording is pretty good.
-guitars and vocals sound good.
-not sure if it's just me, but I think the vocals are a tiny, tiny bit too loud.
-were the guitars and vocals recorded separately? I don't know why but it kind of sounds a bit like that, but I think I'm, just crazy
-I like the song though, very nice.

Good job
Wow thanks everyone, haha to answer a fiew q's , yes the vocal track does seem loud, yes they were recoreded seperatley, and i shall check all of yours out, thanks again!
Hey thanks for checking out my song.

I'm really into raw acoustic tracks (Bradley Nowell & Friends is probably one of my favorite records ever) and this was fantastic. The guitar and vocals go nicely and I thought the sound of the room added a nice touch! Keep it up, man.
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