Been playing about 6 months, I am able to get a 400ish usd guitar, so far I have put a tone zone S in my squire strat and made it HSS. So is there a real difference in me owning a better guitar?
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If you are not happy with your current guitar then yes. But if you like your current guitar then you do not need to. What amp do you have and what type of music do you play?
Down the line if you're better at playing and still interested in guitar get something better. Save up for something nice that you know will last and you will enjoy. No point buying a new guitar if you aren't going to keep playing it.
I agree (yup, I'm posting just to agree with other people...I'm that bored). Save your money...only buy something new if you absolutely can't stand some aspect of the geet (the scale, having a whammy bar or not, whatever).