Go easy on me, I'm still in the 14 year-old creative stage
What do you think of what I have so far?

Terra Construere

Our land of love and peace withers with every step
The soil, bringer of good children binds our every though
Though we believe in the pressure that brought us to this world
Our prophet brings us news of an inpending fracture in the order
Gather, light from the eastern sun
Gather, light from the western sun
Gather, light from the northern sun
Rejoice, light from the southern sun
So they pray tell of your anger and solitude
Burning out the hope that fuels all living spirits
We, on the brink of collapse
Reasons for the greed and the sober warfare
So pray tell of the future engulfed
Will the flames burn out the life spark
Will the life spark burn out the flames
Only the day knows, only the day knows
Only the wise know

Nostradamus, how do thee well
I am ever heard from in this world
You say we have until the time comes
But what do you know with human sight
Do the mighty Gods know of this foresaken land
Tell me, do they know of your bloodsake
If we are to increase the population of the life spark
You will surely find a way
Every journey starts with a saingle step
So, why don't you take yours
Relieve yourself of this confined cave
And then you will truly see for sure
What will we do when the reign of the King is over
Will the world plunge towards the depth of space
Nostradamus, how do thee well
Nostradamus, I bid thee well
Your infamous toxins breed in our matter
Shall we seek yet another cure for this cure
Has it not been said enough that we are one
And that in the end, we are
We are all

Rage and confusion within the inner lands
Rage and misconception in the outer lands
We see all that is not to see
Everything is not as clear as we think
Marriage is the key to bring the joys in life
But the war to win it over are left to the damned
As we have become, it sees our flames are visible
It seems our flames are visible to the naked eye
And blood spills over unto the sacred soil
Absorbed, rejected unto the nether regions
Are you seeing this lust
Yes, I bring thee good faith