Downloading right now, I'll listen to it real quick and get back to you.

First impression: Kinda Casualties mixed the Descendents

Guitar: Does "punk" well, like the picked apart chords during the chorus of the first song. What reminds me the most of the Casualties. Like the riffage in the 3rd song.

Bass: Holds down the low end well and keeps everything together. Nicely done.

Drums: Keeps the beat, a lot of cool stuff in there, no hesitations or anything, again, nicely done.

Vocals: Raw and angry just like they should be, but not harsh enough for there to be no melody, which is good (Unless you didn't want any melody).

Overall: Pretty cool demo, I liked the 3rd track the best, I really like hardcore/punk stuff and I think you should do something to set yourselves apart from all of the other hardcore bands, not that this wasn't good, just a little generic.
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Good stuff. I pretty much agree with what Saint78 said, however, I think it sounds fairly original, although it leans more toward "modern" hardcore "punk" like Comeback Kid (not a bad thing in my eyes, I like them) in terms of its riffing and melodies and downtuned-ness.