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Saw this on Reddit. Was wondering how you guys would choose:

Really, all of the companionship options are pretty bad. I would have went with bro, but he took too many points so I reluctantly chose hipster. For hunting items, I chose the hatchet. Personal items I chose the iPod. And for perks I chose leave early. I would have chose the medical kit, but then I pictured myself thinking back on that decision 16 years later.
Fuck all those choices. Ima use all 24 points and get me a Lapras to get the hell off that island.

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Leave 4 years early

I have it made.
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I'll take the 8 year old and the condoms. Keep the other points.
Literally laughed out loud.
hipster,hatchet,stationary, leave early,treasure

im good
althought if i could replace sationary with guitar with unlimited packs of strings id totally do it(maybe even hipster)
6 - Hipster - They are wild in bed, sometimes...
10 - 2 guns - I could teach the hipster to shoot correctly, weaver stance. Failing that, I'd use her bullets and let her cook.
0 - Football - Why the **** not.
8 -Shelter - NO CONDOMS, as a liberal, the hipster bitch should have no issues whatsoever with abortion.
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A gun and a bipolar hipster, this should go over nicely
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Old ass radio
Fishing equipment & knife
Medical kit
No snakes or spiders

This all the way.
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You might need a paper bag with that bro, just sayin...

I'm content sacrificing attractiveness for l33t survival skillz.
Hipster: good company, like the bro, but DTF so that's a win and she knows basic survival which would be helpful.

1 Rifle: in a hunting scenario a pistol would be almost useless because their less accurate and carry smaller bullets than a rifle thus making them less powerful. a rifle would be the best choice. you can always cut stuff with sharp rocks (if you find any) which is why i wouldn't pick the fishing i dont think i could eat only fish for that long.

Old Ass Radio: it would be super useful to keep in touch with the world in whatever way we could so we didn't go crazy.

Medical Kit: this one was tough...i was originally going to go for prebuilt shelter, but i think it's more important to have medicine, which you wouldn't be able to get, when you can build your own shelter.

Treasure: if i had more points to spend i would have chosen the map but since i didn't i'll settle for the treasure. might as well get something out of this once we leave
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A gun and a bipolar hipster, this should go over nicely

Guns don't kill people. Derr
Alone, hatchet, weeds, leave early, and treasure.
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Fishing equipment + knife
medical kit
no spiders/snakes

Ugly girl

Girl is gunna look good eventually.
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I thought at least one person would choose the bro.

spend 20 years with a dude?
not for me

id rather have a hot hipster chick to bone
Hipster, Hatchet, Weed and Medical Kit.

EDIT: What's really ****ed up is that I wouldn't mind living like that at all I know how to catch fish with a spear (which would be easy to make since I have a hatchet). Throw in a surfboard and a guitar and this seems less like being stuck on an island and more like a fantasy.
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Starting total: 24pts

Row 1:


Will be useful for survival aid as well as companionship. I'm willing to bet that the bitchiness will go away sometime in the next 20 years. We'll learn the other survival skills as we go, or we'll die. Simple.


Row 2:


Need to cut wood to make a shelter. Can fashion knives from stone and other materials, no need to worry about the intricacies of a rifle, parts being broken, misfires, missed shots, etc. that could lead to missing out on food.


Row 3:

Unlimited Stationery

If I were not able to document our adventures, write music, write stories, or anything else, I would simply go mad. Mad, I tell you! I can create anything with a pen and paper, and with 20 years ahead of us, it'd be a hell of a story to read (with a [hopefully] good soundtrack, too). And she's an artist. There's unlimited stationery, so it'd be good for both of us.


Perk 1:


Let's be realistic, shall we? She's cute, and the last thing we need is a kid running around fucking things up. And there's no telling the state of that shelter, either.


Perk 2:


Well, we ARE getting off the island eventually if I have anything to say about it, and it'd be nice to not be dumped off into poverty. Plus, there's no upsetting the balance of the ecosystem, as would happen without spiders and snakes to keep insect and rodent populations in check.


Ending total: 3pts
I think it's time for a change.

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I thought at least one person would choose the bro.

I would've picked the bro but he was too expensive.
hipster - bangable

fishing equipment - you live on an island, fish are essentially unlimited. its easier to fish for food with good fishing gear than to try to hunt and stalk game with a gun. plus you will run out of ammo quick with the guns. miss a shot? well you cant eat any meat for 4 days now without ruining your ammo ration.

old ass radio - would be nice to have to listen to at night time and while doing monotonous tasks. almost picked weed, but 3 times a week isnt enough to make it worth it.

medical kit - you will cut and burn yourself eventually. could save someone from dying.

dog - i was between dog and treasure. treasure would be nice when you come back, but you could just sell the rights to your story for a screenplay, write a book, go on oprah and talk about how you survived, etc. a dog would increase the quality of life by giving you a loyal companion.
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Bro, knives, football, medical kit.

Bro = if I can't get my wife, it'll be a guy friend (who I'm very close and trust with my life, so a few of my friends who have the same training as me.) Knives = Know enough about making shelters and sustaining life to get by with just a knife, there's one for each, good enough with it for basic self defense. Won't malfunction. Football = free fun. Medical kit = obvious.
My God, it's full of stars!
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I'll take the 8 year old and the condoms. Keep the other points.

The condoms are pointless.
hipster, hatchet, ipod, leave early, no snakes/spiders
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Loli - If there's noone around it's not illegal.
Hatchet - Can kill shit and cut down trees.
Weed - **** yea.
Condoms - Self-explanatory.
Fishing stuff

Enjoy life with my dog and island wife until I die or something
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