So I was wondering if all you loving fellow UGers would help me out and give some critique on some of my songs. http://soundcloud.com/danlarsen most of the songs are from my solo project letters experiment (The best of which i think is Blind Illusion) while one other is from my project with a friend called rational transition. By the way I know the production on them is crap, but school got in the way with exams so i havn't got round to fixing them yet, but hey give me a break I'm 16. Anyway any feedback would be appreciated.
I've only listened to Blind Illusion because you said it was your best song, and I really like it, especially that cloudy distorted-sounding backgroundi and the really clean guitar playing on it.
I've bookmarked your link so I can give this song as many listens as I want, and I'll probably listen to your other songs later.
Sorry if my critic isn't useful, I can't think about anything bad to say about it.

Please check my songs and leave some feedback, I would greatly appreciate it :
They are all improvised, and I have to say that I'm not a very good musician, but I'm trying to improve.

EDIT : I've just listened to Haze, and it's pretty good too. Sounds like you did a very good job on your songs.
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I like the guitar parts on Have it All alot, however i do think the vocals need quite a bit of work, you do have a good voice for alternative rock but i think maybe you could do with a little more practice so everything stays in tune. Good work though.

EDIT: oh btw, please could you have a listen to this one of my band's songs: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1500538 its quite poppy and im not sure if it'll be exactly to your liking, but please check it out when you can
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Sorry i forgot to mention that the first song Have It All is actually a collaboration with a friend on a project we call Rational Transition. On it i wrote the instrumentation apart from bass while he did that, sang and had some input on arrangement. The songs I was actually after crit from were the ones below, so if you have time input on those would be appreciated. (The best song is blind illusion)