Christmas is coming I am in the market for a sub 300€ semi-hollow guitar. It seems that I have this 5 choices.

Epiphone Dot - 299€
Epiphone Dot Studio - 219€
Washburn HB30 - 265€
Vintage VSA535 - 265€
Ibanez AS53 - 279€

I tried all of them except the VSA535 and they all seem quite nice (really liked the HB30 neck). Of course they will need a set up, but that´s no problem.

Which one would you pick and why?

Anyone tried the VSA535?

Thanks and best regards.
I'd pick the Epiphone Dot

Played it at a local store and instantly fell in love with it....I'm currently saving my money for one

But, as you might know, the best comparison is always to play each guitar and then decide
Also, keep in mind that there's some other (comparable) guitars on that site which do seem a little more pricey (300 quid and up), but since that price includes a case they might actually be cheaper in the end, if you're eventually planning to buy a case that is

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I've heard good things about the Washburn. To be honest, you can't go wrong with any of them; although I wouldn't pick the Ibanez myself.
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Used gretsch electromatic.

Used Electromatic semihollows are in the $450–$600 range. Only the solid guitars sell cheap.

But a used artcore hollowbody is a steal. The go for about 40–50% of retail.
Thanks for all the answers. Seems that the Dot is well regarded.

The Riviera with P90's seems nice, but it is more expensive.

Used could be an option, but it's not easy to me to find a used guitar where I live (Viseu, Portugal), and i would have to buy one from outside.

Therefore, I am looking for a new guitar, with warranty and from a shop with the possibility to return it.
Heh, I think the Ibanez is your best bet. However, if you can find a used Epiphone Sheraton II under your budget, go for it. Plays like a 335 for possibly less than $335. Look for some good deals! Amazing guitar for money!

Thanks for the answers.

Well, I went to a few shops in the last days and I decided to postpone the semi-hollow purchase and increase the budget in order to buy a better guitar.

I tried a few models, including the Sheraton II, and I really liked the Hofner Verythin CT (in particular this one) and the Hagstrom Viking (this one is a little flashy&hellip. I was very impressed with both, they are very comfortable, the necks are great, they sound great and I will wait a little longer and buy one. They are more expensive but they just need a proper set up. I don't have to change pickups.

Of course I tried other guitars. Although aesthetically I find them less appealing (but I like them more right now than I use to do) I do not know why I haven’t bought a Strat yet. I pick one and they just fit right. And I know that they could manage very well (maybe not jazz) all the kind of music that I play (almost everything except metal and country). A few months ago, I was about to buy a G&L Tribute Legacy but I needed the money for something else. But they (G&L or MIM Fender) are on the list.

Other guitar that I liked, even if I find it more adequate for heavier music, was the PRS SE Tremonti. It’s also very comfortable. I picked one, played a little and everything seems to be very well made. It’s a simple, but yet a good guitar.

Thanks again for the answers.