Edit: my fault not saying guitar's name. I talk about epiphone zakk wylde custom. I forgot cause it was already in thread name before I changed.

So i was making a research about getting a les Paul like guitar for cheap prices, and I saw that only zakk wylde fans get this guitar and change pickups with active emgs. Bu I think, this guitar can be pretty good with some different modificatios. So, changing pickups by dimarzio super distortion(b) and PAF* pro(n), and using tone pros/gotoh Tom bridge and locking tuners, as well as dunlop strap locks, you can get a really cool leas Paul with great tone and full setup. I assume guitar is like 900$, you can make this for 1200-1350$. Still 3500$ cheaper. Reason of the thread: I'd also like to hear your opinions and your ideas for getting a full setup les Paul like guitar for cheap prices.

Edit: damn I made so many mistake while writing, well I am using iPhone, it has a hard keyboard.
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Which guitar are you talking about?

I wouldn't spend too much money on upgrading a cheap guitar.
For that money you can already have a nicer Les Paul Studio or maybe even a used Standard, just saying.
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only zakk wylde fans get a les paul?
wtf is a pad pro. and why would you add a TOM bridge to a les paul, are you buying one with a trem?

there is just so much wrong with this.

buy an agile. rondomusic.net.

edit - screw the epi zakk wyldes. those are gross. like i said, buy an agile.
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Sorry for not forgetting to say name of guitar! I talk about zakk wylde's epiphone custom when saying only his fans buy it