I've just bought a Traynor 100YCSH2 And i need some help.
The tone is really awesome for Rock and have a beautiful clean even if it breaks up a little bit.
I would like to use the amp for metal , but it seems that doesn't have quite enough Gain.

So i guess i have two choice ,
- overdrive pedal
-Distortion pedal
What to choose?

Budget 200 bucks
i have 4 guitars
So i have alot of variety
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blackstar dual drive pedal
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Well, if you're just looking to play metal every once in awhile, get a nice distortion pedal.

If you're looking to use the amp primarily for metal, get a different amp. The 100YCSH2 is a great amp, but it's not a metal amp. You can throw a good distortion pedal in front and get a "good enough" metal sound, but it's worth it if that's the main sound your trying to get.
Well i already have a Boss EQ
all i need is a noise gate and and something to boost the gain
Stick your EQ in front and turn it up. That will boost it ok.
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