When using the Zoom R16 with a computer as an audio interface are you limited by your computers speed in regards to latency or is the audio recorded directly onto the device and then transferred to the computer?

In other words can you use it with a slow computer and not get latency?

Also same question for the Boss BR800

It's time for a new device, my br600 is getting annoying, I want to be able to get recordings to the computer faster.

I appreciate any help guys, I've been searching for a while and can't find the answer. Also I'm aware that the answer might be everywhere and I'm just too stupid to get it.
When using it as an interface the R16 records straight to the computer and Ive never noticed any latency. It's a great mixer and interface only downfall is the hardware isn't amazing and it can't be used as an interface with the new Mac updates due to a bug that hasn't been fixed :/
So then latency will depend entirely on your computer.

I've come across a lot of people reporting that the unit has noticeable latency itself, which for me is not acceptable, I hate dealing with that headache. As of right now I'm leaning towards the br800, the only thing is it's a pain, it's going to be the same thing as my br600, record 4 tracks and then transfer to the computer and over and over. I don't know what to do.

I guess you always have to accept some sort of imperfection
That is a huge drag though, having to copy tracks back and forth. I haven't used my r16 as an interface in a little while but I can't remember ever experiencing latency in fact I am positive there has never been any. Try borrow one if you can or something but yeah, there haven't been any issues at all with mine except with the whole Mac thing!
I've never had latency with my R16 but I've had a lot of other problems...

It's been chilling in the same spot on my desk since I got it, as I only use it as an interface. Now it's bugging up, I can hear digital sounding feedback when I moniter recordings or have it playback for me. It's extremely annoying as it overtakes the volume of the song and you don't know wtf is going on.

Also, the pre-amps in it aren't that great and don't give very good sound quality. I've been nothing but disappointed with this thing, especially since I paid about $500-600 for it.
I've used the R16 in the past and never noticed any latency issues with it. However, as you're admitting your computer is slow, it is most likely that which needs upgrading, not your BR600.

If you're worried about it though, have you considered asking yourself why you need to link to your PC? If it's solely because you're running out of tracks, it's always worth considering getting a better multitracker to record with.

Unless you need to use virtual instrumentation that can be used with software DAWs, dedicated multitrack DAWs offer basically all the same functions as software, but as they are a purpose built single unit there is never an issue with latency or anything else which could go wrong when linking to a PC.

The Zoom R16 is one of the multitrackers I often recommend, but as you're concerned about it try looking at the Tascam 2488. It has 24 tracks (and 270 virtual tracks), so you shouldn't need to worry about running out (unless you're recording a large orchestra!!) and has an excellent range of effects, amp & cab models.
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