Hey guys! Would it be a good idea that when to practice, I focus on like two areas or aspects of guitarplaying, and those to areas is what I practice for that week (of course play alot of other stuff and practice other stuff too but I mean mostly focus on those two areas when I´m practicing seriously).

I mean maybe set up goals for what I want to reach by the end of the week in those areas or aspects.

So its like I make a practice schedule for just two areas and change every week, and the other things I choose to practice are more open.

So for example:



And then set up goals for that and then next week I might focus on for example:

-Blues Leads

-Jazz Chords

Would it be good? To get a little bit more structured but not really a schedule..

Any help from all the practice geniuses would be very appriciated, thank you for taking your time reading and answering
I think structuring your practice will help, because it makes you think in the mindset of whatever it is you're practicing. Remember though, if say you worked on vibrato and dynamics for a week and then blues leads and jazz chords the next week, when you finish that, make sure you repractice your vibrato and dynamics. It doesn't need to be for a week but remember to review everything!
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I believe your way of thinking of practicing will lead you in a good direction.

I suggest writing down on paper list of all musical/technical aspects that are most important for you. I might be done as goals. Put the list in a visible place and look at it often.
Also look at it while choosing primary focuses for a certain week. You will be sure that nothing will be overlooked.

Another idea that you might like:
You can experiment with the intervals of practicing different items. For example:
- practice top-priority items everyday
- practice useful, but not crucial with 2-day interval
- the things that might be useful from time to time but aren't so important for achieving your goals - you can choose a 3- or 4-day interval or so.

Hope this helps in any way.
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I don't know. At first glance it looks good, but what I would suggest is specifically define your goals for short term. Then collect a series of steps for those. Then execute those in small bits, like 1 or 2 things in depth so that by doing so, it becomes more understood and theres a point when learning, that if you dig enough, you're going to hit a boulder. Digging through that, is what brings a breakthrough. You need time and attention to do that which is why I don't believe in doing too much at once. When I teach I want them to find their mistakes so they fight through it. When I drill someone I want them to suck, I want them to find their weakness so they can acknowledge it and push through it, because that's where development comes.