I have been using the Line 6 Pod X3 for a while and it is really freakin' easy. I just plug it in and record. I also have an SM57 microphone though.

Anyway so I thinking, should I start using the SM57 to record guitar through my 50W Traynor Tube amp or should I keep messing around with the Pod and maybe move up to the Pod HD500?

One thing I'm thinking about is that with the Pod I just leave it there. When I want to record I plug in my guitar and I'm ready. If I start using the microphone won't I have to find that "perfect" sounding spot every time? I'll have a general idea after the first few times but still. I can't leave the microphone there because I want to preserve it (I heard air degrades it or something). Maybe it's not a big deal though. What do you guys think?

Also the most important thing is sound quality for me.
Being a purist, I'd always go for recording an amp - especially tube amps. It just sounds better to me. Of course you have to find the sweet spot, but it's not that difficult in my opinion.
Yes and I think I read somewhere many professional studios use the SM57 up to the amp to record albums, even for major artists. (can someone confirm?)

Technology is always advancing though and I was just wondering with this new Pod HD500 thing, maybe this is kind of the future. They do seem easier to use and I'm interested in what others think about this. Maybe digital sound can never be as good as straight from the amp though.
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Sure, many metal records have been recorded with SM57's on guitar amps. If you have a good amp and a decent room to record, you can achieve good results with it.

I like the convenience of tracking DI and using VST's. At least until I get my Axe II. You can get great results with a Pod HD as well