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I switched my pups in my Mexican Strat for some Lace Sensor Golds a few weeks back. Loved the tone at home and didn't really notice a problem until i played live (due to not being able to play loud in my house.

My strat is my backup guitar live, i used a Modded Highway One Tele mainly. So anyway, i broke a string on my Tele so needed to swap. Plugged in my strat and noticed the clean was much lower than it was when plugged into the Tele. Pressed my DS-1 and the volume boosted dramatically, almost too loud. Had to spend a while sorting it out.

Any idea what's happening?? Thanks in advanced!
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just low output I guess? Not sure rly...I have the same issue with different guitars as well but usually it's lauder altogether.
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Lace Sensors have lower output than traditional pickups. You have to adjust them so the string almost lay right on top of them for best performance. Their magnetic pull is so low that they will not distort the waveform of the string at all. Other than that I haven't had any issues with any of my Lace equipped guitars. Once they are set correctly they seem pretty even when switching from clean to distortion. I've got a strat that came factory equipped with three Gold Sensors and no such issues here. I just put a Deathbucker / Silver / Gold/Blue Dually combo in another guitar and they are also perfectly level.