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I have a problem with my bridge. I have a Fender (American) Stratocaster Highway eddition, and the strings keep braking. The place where the strings come from the bridge where they start to bend keep braking, or unwining. I used D'dario strings then changed to Elixir string and even got the place sanded with a diamond. It was ok for a while but it happend again. Does any one have any tips or should i buy just a new bridge.

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I'd replace the saddles (the part where your string bends over the bridge) with some graphtec ones or another replacement brand.
+1 you have sharp edges on your saddles.

you can try filing the saddles. but that doesnt always work well.
you might end up wasting another set if you dont do a good enough job.

you should really look into graphtech string saver saddles, or similar.

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